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FilletTheFishWife .

Brighton Player Ratings

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Thought I''d do this offline before I read anyoone else''s ratings.

Green - 6 Not much to do and no chance with Brighton goal but his kicking wasn''t too impressive.

Colin - 6 Ok but I wish he could clear a ball to a yellow shirt more often.

Doherty - 8 The most improved player at the club and another confident performance.

Davenport - 7 Some shaky moments but generally ok.

Drury - 7 Usual steady performance apart from an almost costly miscue in the first half

Marney 6 Quiet game and should have scored but a good assist for McVeigh

Hughes 7 Top work-rate. Reminds of Holt in his prime and a good captain.

Safri - 7 Oh how me missed him in the second-half!

McVeigh - 7 A good performance but his impact diminished as the game wore on.

Huckerby - 7  A real threat in the first half. A well taken goal and shame he couldn''t carbon copy it
but second-half Brighton has the measure of him and without support usually found himself in a blind alley
or passing to a blue shirt.

Lisbie 5 - This player shirked every 50/50 and I can''t see him scoring. His loan can only be extended because of lack of alternatives.

Henderson 6 - Started the second half with a rash challenge and a resultant booking and seemed completely disinterested thereafter although a good goal redeemed him.

Brennan 6 - A steady performance.

Charlton 6 - Hardly noticed he was there but I didn''t really expect him to emulate Huckerby.

All in all a good day but until Hendo scored I was expecting 2-2 instead of 3-1 which would have been a big disappointment after dominating the first half.

Thanks to the norwich fans who kept us amused with witty renditions of ymca and ''You''re just a man in a jacket'' to the stewards and the various songs about the roofless ground.

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Surely Doc and Hucks should both have a 9?  Doc was very solid, commanding the defence whilst Hucks ran them ragged.


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I think you are being a bit harsh there fillet.

I''d go:

Green 7. Solid in the air, kicking improved from Hull.

Colin 7. Good at the back, found himself playing striker at one stage. Some poor distribution.

Davenport 7. Probably his worst game for us, but still looked rock solid.

Doherty 8. Towering presence in the air, seemed to be climbing all over their strikers, but seems to be getting away with it, unlike last last year.

Drury 7. Good partnership with Hucks.

Marney 6. Created McVeigh''s goal, but still to click in a Norwich shirt.

Safri 7. Another good performance

Hughes 7. Got forward more than Hull, looked solid

Hucks 9. Ran their defence ragged, should have got himself a 2nd, good finish with the first though

McVeigh 8. Long overdue goal, nice linkup play with Hucks,

Lisbie 5. Been a bit of a dissapointment, bad a few poor decisions. Can see him going back to Charlton and scoring a hatfull though :-)


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