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Making Plans

So we had 2 weeks to prepare and

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everything went out the window in 1 minute.The Olsson sending off and penalty only serves to cloud the issue - if he hadn''t handled it it would have went in and we would have been one down in less than 2 minutes.Holloway had us well & truely sussed out, one long throw in and complete mayhem in our defence.It was so predictable and so easy.However, still only 2 down with 20 minutes to go and still no change of plan and still no substitutes brought on.This is totally inexcusable in this day & age when football is a squad game & you can use 14 players Does he not ever plan for unexpected circumstances, or react to them when they happen, or is he just too stubourn to make changes to tactics and/or formation during a game.So our striker today had a good game (for him) but ultimately he didn''t do what strikers are there for, score goals.

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