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Regime Change


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Saw a post on the BBC website from some Binner hoping we relegated this season which has inspired me to post a rant against most of the no hopers we come up against in this league (helps pass the time while I am at work to).

I could name most of the division but have limited myself to:

Ipswich - Probably much funnier to see them go into administration (again)

Millall - give football hooligans a bad name

Brighton - awful ground no fans

Burnley - no particular reason I just don''t like them

QPR (Chav City), Watford (Chav Town), Luton - enough said

Hull (Grimsby in disguise) - they smell of fish

Stoke - a bunch of Brummies in disguise

Cardiff - thought they were going to walk into the Premiership

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I think saying I don''t like them would be unjust but I think their presence in the Championship adds little to it''s marketability - and I would not be disappointed if any of them were relegated at the end of the season.

The behaviour of Cardiff and Millwall fans has merited more severe punishment than they have received and both should consider themselves lucky to still be classed as members of the football league.

The perceived negativity of Premier League clubs (i.e. Bolton) has been evident amongst Football League/Championship Clubs for a number of seasons and offers little to the entertainment spectacle on offer outside of the Premiership.

I''m sure some people may contradict me, but, the Football League in its current format is unsustainable, there are too many clubs chasing too little money.  If the majority of Football Clubs are going to have a secure financial future, Football League football has got be drastically reformed, and unfortunately, I think that has to be at the expense of the smaller clubs.

When you consider the structure of many sports in America, how on earth are 92 football clubs supposed to survive in England?


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