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Back to Basics

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Neil is always banging on about how we have to go back to basics after a defeat but surely this comes from him first of all. He makes basic errors all the time and has almost admitted as much.

His team selections and tactics are questionable at best. He persists in playing certain players over overs, despite their form. He continues to play people out of position because of the previous statement.

The basics are, play your best players in their best positions with tactics that suit these players. I don''t think I''ve seen this since Newcastle away last season.

Now he''s talking about this he failed as he played a too expensive game away at Birmingham. This is Birmingham for christs sake! I look forward to the Hughton-esq shutting up shop in the champs from now on.

With the squad he has at his disposal, today''s result is unforgivable. I doubt very much Neil will still be here at Xmas.

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