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king canary

An away day report...

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...so on a whim me and my brother decided to make the trip to Birmingham yesterday. What a decision that was.

Others have covered most of our problems but by main takeaways were these...

- We''re far too easy to defend against. I hoped that by starting Canos and Murphy we might actually play with some width but we still seemed to funnel everything into the middle. Birmingham just had to stay solid in the middle and we had no answer.

- We clearly missed our first choice fullbacks. Brady didn''t look bothered and at one point tried to shepherd the ball out of play only to be easily pushed off the ball by an attacker who then wasted the chance to cross. Whittaker was partly at fault for the first goal and totally at fault for the second. He''s also getting older and slower and is less able to get back into position/contribute going forward than a couple of seasons ago.

- Klose struggled for the second game in a row when met with a big, strong centre forward with a bit of pace. At one point Donaldson just knocked the ball one side, ran the other and left him for dead. Worrying.

- Naismith offers nothing in a CF role- he doesn''t have the pace to stretch defences, the strength to hold the ball up or the energy/work rate to work the channels and pull players out of position. I could just about understand giving him a go but it was clear at half time it wasn''t working- right now it feels like Neil is cutting off his nose to spite his face with Lafferty.

- The biggest worry for me is how currently AN has us looking like less than the sum of our parts. Our best manager in recent memory (Lambert) consistently got his players to give that bit extra and look like much more than the sum of our parts. Right now we look the opposite.

- 5 Guys do a really good burger.

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