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mat gore

Why he has to go !!

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Football is a brutal game.  Once you''ve lost the fans at a club you don''t get them back.   Worthington has lost the fans here I''m afraid.  I stuck by him right up until Watford when I wavered a little and still even then thought maybe he should get more time but the last 3 games have pushed it just that bit too far.

Even if we start winning now its too late for him. I''ll be pleased because I genuinely think we are now in a relegation battle but it won''t make me change my opinion.

This club had a wealth of resources in its playing squad better than ANY other team in this division.  It wasn''t balanced as the midfield was weak but that was true for the WHOLE of last season and there has been time to sort it out.  Almost every pundit picked us as the team to beat. 

At best (and I really can''t see it) we might scrape the play-offs, at worst there is now a seriosu risk we could do a Forest.

After we lost to Reading I looked at our next 6 fixtures and thought they were the easiest we would get in this division.  Given where we were to my mind we had to pick up 13 points absolute minimum to be in with a even a shout of the play-offs.  We havent finished the run yet and have already lost 8 points.  In fact its not just that the points slipped away its the manner in which they did so.

After this it gets harder.  Safri, Ashton, Green, Shackell, Huckerby, god even Doherty may all be looking for transfers in January unless we develop some optimism from somewhere.

The reason I think Worthy has to go is that as a whole this club CANNOT be optimistic again with him at the helm.  Too many fans think he has screwed up the best ever chance we''ll have for promotion.  Wins will be seen as papering over the cracks or too little too late.  To be frank the feel good factor has gone.  Its like trying to imagine trusting tony bliar again.  You just can''t see them playing "things can only get better now" can you.

Thanks for all you''ve done Nigel.  I hope you get a good job and that you have great success elsehwere (just not portaloo road). 

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