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A Win, A Win,

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my laptop (the little streamer) for a win.

Worst league run since 1964. We can''t buy a win and despite a few half-decent performances in the last nine outings, we continue to be win-less.

The Aussie cricketers called it the ''winning habit'' when they were unbeaten for so long. There now seems to be such a thing as the ''losing habit'' and AN''s band of dysfunctional warriors seem to be hooked.

Dodgy defensive lapses, missed chances, very dodgy decisions which always seem to go against us, last minute goals and the relative failure of expensive signings to make much of an impact must surely all add up to a collective feeling amongst us all that the Gods are very much against our cause and that fate had us doomed from the outset.

Yet, as Ryan Bennett so succinctly pointed out, we are not buried yet and a couple of WINS, or a repeat of our Old Trafford, league re-defining shock victory at Old Trafford, could yet see us perform the kind of Houdini act that the well-beloved Hoots excelled at.

In truth, and in one way or another, our rivals seem just as inept. Given our recent results we could well be beyond resuscitation by now, but we are not.

I seem to remember reading (on here) that this particular season might need more than forty points to ensure safety. At the moment even thirty-six might be enough, such is the poor general form of the four stricken teams.

I, personally, am not quite ready to throw in the towel, despite all the recent indications.

That long-overdue win, if it comes, could make all the difference, especially to confidence levels and a mini-run is still a possibility, however remote.

We are also due a little bit of the positive fortune which seems to have dodged us for most of the season. Starting with Simon Hooper''s bizarre performance against Palace at the outset and continuing with that lino against Chelsea and a few more in-between, AN must be scratching his hair (??) out at the inept and unfavourable level of officialdom that has blighted his first full season in English football.

In sum, if anything was likely to go wrong for our team (and I include everything in this) is has, right on cue, gone wrong.

Alex and his band of hopefuls have done themselves few favours in many respects, but they/we deserve a bit more luck from now on nevertheless.

Perhaps even Citeh will have an over-confidence filled off-day.


Plastic Yellow-Tinted.

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