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Pyro Pete

Thread to make excuses for Worthington

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If Delia can do it, why don''t we all have a go!!

1) Seasonal Affected Disorder: Nigel allegedly suffers badly from S.A.D. Poor fellow. So you see, our poor start has simply been down to the change of seasons. Come the spring all will be rosy.

2) The El Niño effect: The shift in ocean temperatures and atmospheric conditions in the tropical Pacific disrupts weather around the world. It is a poorly understood phenomenon, but I know for a fact that it''s impact on weather conditions at Colney has caused severe disruptions to team training for some time.

3) Bad handwriting: Ordinarily, not something you would associate with effecting football management. But Nigel''s handwriting is allegedly much like a doctor''s. Practically unreadable. So our manager is as surpised as anyone when his handwritten teamsheet comes back as a printed version containing three leftbacks in the first team line-up! But being a good sort, Nigel doesn''t criticise the team secretary and just gets on with it.

4) Bird Flu: It''s a worry isn''t it? Sadly our health conscious Norwich City players have allegedly resorted to sealing themselves in perspex bubbles as protection in case a human form of the disease spreads. They now only come out on match days. Can''t be too careful these days can you? Naturally, this barrier between manager and players during teamtalks sometimes leads to a misunderstanding of Nigel''s tactics.

So now that''s all cleared up, let''s stick together!!

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