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I seriously doubt the credibility of the "Worthy Out" poll

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So, in roughly 24hrs, 2100 "people" have voted on the Worthington "in" / "out" poll. I seriously doubt the credibility of this poll for a number of reasons.

How many people truly follow everything about Norwich?? From that, I mean those who know the ins and outs of the football club, who follow the team 24/7? I''m going to have rough guess of say 15,000.

Internet use in the UK is still relatively low, latest estimates state 1 in 3 households have, and, use the internet more than "just now and again". Given that you can "only vote once", and that of that 15,000, alot of people live in the same household (Supporting Norwich generally runs in the family), i''d say that there is only likely to be around 2 to 2500 possible voters.

According to my research, that in the 24hrs when the poll was open, every single possible voter logged on to the pinkun website a cast a vote. This is simply, unlikely, and most of all statistically impossible. General elections only get 55-65% turnout. 

Other massive factors to take into account is who actually bothers to vote. I use the website everyday, but rarely bother to vote on polls. People I watch Norwich with say they never voted on this poll. The prediction league was open for weeks but only had 300 entries, compared to 2000+ entries for the poll in 24hrs

My conclusion is that the same people are repeatedly voting "worthington out". My prediction is that 200 people at most voted for this poll

It is incredibly easy to rig the poll by voting more than once.

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