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Sadly the direction/management of this Club has become a joke.

We seem to view the close season similar to school children. A couple of years ago we could n''t even successfully arrange our friendly programme. Clubs not turning up and we eventually played what was little more than a pub team.

All this followed by aspirations to appoint a ''board'' behind NA. This resulted in a mentor (Joe Royle) who resigned a couple of weeks later and the total failure to appoint an experienced head of recruitment.

As we all know we failed to turn up during last Summer''s transfer window which meant that we had to invest heavily in the January window which we all know is notoriously unreliable and packed with players that Clubs would be glad to see the back of.

Our chairman resigns a couple of weeks after accepting re election and our Chief Exec who in the past has been very visible/available is rarely now heard from.

We replace board members with failed politicians and inexperienced family members.

Do we need look any further as to where responsibility lies for our current predicament?

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