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Perspective and expectation

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Have watched today''s capitulation by an abysmal Villa on top of yesterday''s rank awful Newcastle no-show at Chelsea. Have also seen Leicester lose after taking the lead against Arsenal., showing teams do not win after taking the lead. What all this goes to show is the unpredictability of football where both teams and both sets of supporters desperately want to win and can''t.

What are the minimum requirements of my team. I can just about accept incompetence if the team gives it all. I do not see we have the same issues ax Villa (Lescot''s car tweets) or Newcastle. Our players may be limited but are honest. Which brings me to the apmanager May be young, but very old school. He will expect players to throw up in pre-season training, he will expect players to hurt when they lose. He will not tolerate players with the wrong attitude. Whilst I cannot say whether or not this will be enough this year, I am sure we have a manager who will not tolerate nonsense and Instils the right values. Have faith, it''s crucial n the long term to stick to the right values as not doing so leads to problems in the longer term.

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