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Dean Coneys boots

My Christmas list for Alex Neil....

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1. Please can you stop tinkering it causes instability. Most successful sides keep momentum and faith in an XI. We need to do the same as confidence seems shot.

2. It is beyond obvious that Jerome is a hard working but ineffectual striker at this level. Grabban is off. Hooper has lost it and you dont rate Lafferty for whatever reason.

So could you, pretty please, give Mbokani a SUSTAINED RUN in the team? Maybe with two up front (as I think he will thrive on that) Because he seems to have the quality but hasn''t actually been given a fair crack at playing to get used to the league and get going

3. Please can you make a better fist of the next window? Deep down I fear it is too late, January is not the time for wholesale changes, but without an injection of quality now we are so definitely doomed. Who would come? I have no idea...and we clearly need improvements not like for like...

There that will make me a very happy boy this yuletide season...

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