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Just thought I would share this with you..

While clearing out some stuff from my old home in Norwich I found some photos from an Open Day way back when.. I was trying to date this and I think it must be late eighties very early nineties. I remember going, and have got photos of Dave Stringer, Robert Chase (boo), Duncan Forbes, 2 of Flecky (my hero, in the second one he looks a bit p***** off, probably cause Id already taken one and how many do you need!) , Robert Rosario (blimey, remember him?) Ian Butterworth and some others.

Obviously the River End was terraced and the South Stand looked tired even back then, funny how the City Stand still looks exactly the same and I remember it as being the posh stand back then! It looks really odd seeing now how the place has come along. The boot room looks a bit of a mess and it was when we were sponsored by Asics cause theres loads of kit around.

Im still trying to find my Asics shirt and I had a signed Flecky photo from the EDP which I cant find, AAGH!

Im pretty sure Ive still got the front page of the Evening News when Ken Brown was sacked. Strewth.

Not an important thread but held good memories for me so hope you dont mind!

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