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Just back from the game

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Guessing everyone probably shares the same opinion tonight.
Red card was insane, and cost us big time. Stoke were pretty poor and I think we''d have beat them 11 vs 11 but alas it wasn''t to be.
Thought we fought pretty bravely with 10 but we just couldn''t defend when they flooded players forward.
Bit harsh on Howson that a goal as good as that counts for nothing.
Thought Mbokani was good, he''s an absolute beast and holds it up so well, and has amazing technique, some of the ways he turned through 3 or 4 men when it looked like a lost cause was unreal. Doesn''t offer enough of a threat in the box though.
Thought Vadis was good again, although giving the ball away and the half-assed tackle for the first goal was pretty atrocious. Needs to cut mistakes like that out if he wants to keep his spot. That one (pretty major) blip aside, he did well.
Good to see Matty J back out there too. 
As soon as O''Neill went flying in, the writing was on the wall. Can''t fault the lads for their effort but it was always going to be a tough ask playing 10 vs 11 for 60mins.
My 3 year unbeaten streak comes to an end, but my missus has never seen us lose in 5 so Villa away (the next one I''ll get to, she''s coming too) is a guaranteed 3 points. Unless we lose. In which case I will blame her and probably break up with her.
Last note goes to the crowd. Magnificent tonight, in full voice for the whole game, and didn''t bat a collective eyelid even at 3-1 (Oh Ryan Bennett, he scores when he wants! [:D] ). Stoke fans were a disgrace. Silent until they scored. 2mins of singing then back to silent. Then again I''d be too depressed to do much singing if I lived in that dump.

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