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It's cheered me up

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From TW@T forum


Seriously considering ripping up my season ticket.

Never known such poor tactics in all my 22 years as a season ticket holder. We have no strikers & our defence is woeful

It''s going to be a long season & I fear we will be fighting relegation. I''m a big fan of McCarthy but my patience is wearing thin.


I was one of the few hundred who went last night and tbh I''m disgusted in the performance. I have already fired an email off to the club demanding a refund. Just waiting for a reply.

I can honestly say this is the worst Ipswich team I have ever seen and I am 33.

Bleak times ahead I fear. I can honestly see us doing a Portsmouth and just dropping through the divisions like a hot knife through butter


Even that we finished 1/4 of the way down the league (lucky on last day) why do we all think we were destined for better things this season?

Myself included here, not sure why i ''expected'' better things. I always moan at missus for expecting too much, and I''m doing the same


Just cut my season ticket up

Anyone know MM''s address so I can post it? Thanks in advance.

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