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Ipswich meat substitute!

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I see that Joe Royle-Family is looking at two ''defenders'' - Eddy Tofu from Royal-and-Twerp FC and a Roy Markyerman who has made a total of 34 appearances and is 27 years old. Hot stuff then!Things are so dull on the Canaries front I sometimes feel that a couple of un-named or ridiculously named triallists would be better than nothing at all but then I think of the grumpy old loser that is JR and I think not.......Does anyone remember that Papa Diop''s first reserve game was in an unnumbered shirt and he was amazing in that game - those of us in the Barclay christened him the Man with No Name. Soon after he became the Man with Too Much Saliva to be closely followed by the Man with No Club.So if you read a rumour about Worthy ''looking at'' Jeremiah Sudoku and Ali Bolochs take it with a pinch of salt.......

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