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We are f***ed

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Well I think most of us thought that we would take at least 4 points from our last 3 games but we got nothing.

A harsh lesson in Premier League football is about to get tougher with Man Citeh, Arsenil & Chelski coming up.

Whilst we tend to play better against bigger teams its hard to see us taking more than a point against these 3 games.

AN is in a difficult position with the players at his disposal and whilst I didn''t feel we had a strong bench to change the game, we could have made more changes more quickly and who knows. All the comments about how West Brom set up and are boring to watch are immaterial in my eyes. They know how to win a game and how to defend and results are all that matters.

Our squad is good in parts but not at the overall standard required for this league. We have to stick until Jan but I''d like to see more leaders on the pitch and a physical presence throughout....we are quite a small team overall height wise.

I just hope that there are 3 teams worse than us as is well documented on this forum otherwise we risk being pissed all over from here on in!

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