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Worthy transfer translations!

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Worthy: "I have nothing lined up at the moment"

Translation: "I have two players almost signed"

Worthy: "We might be interested in that player"

Translation: "He has already agreed terms and will be signing next week!" 

Worthy: "We have limited funds at the club"

Translation: "We have limited funds but they are not quite as limited as we like to portray, Especially to clubs we are buying and selling from/to and players coming in who want huge wages!"

In all seriousness, If the Marney trade comes off we should absolutely congratulate Worthy on making some great additions to the squad.

I was one of those who thought he was leaving it a bit late. Fair play to him. Worthy looks like he got the job done.

Personally I think he has traded away a lot of the weaker parts of our squad and brought in people who have (at least) the potential to be much much better.

The competition for places also looks very healthy.





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