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How Has McNally.....

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- Managed to sell our Player Of The Season in Bradley Johnson our second highest scorer last year. £6m gets you nothing these days for a player now at his peak and added goals to his game

- Signed only Matt Jarvis today who is nowhere near West Ham team and deemed surplus to requirements. Have we bought on reputation? No pace and West Ham fans don''t rate him

- Failed to sign two defenders let alone one defender. Same defence as what got relegated. Laughable how bad it is

- Failed to set up a scout network. By sounds of things we were all over the show. £8m bids for Gayle and Naismith and then bids for Walters. Is our aim to sign worst strikers in the league

- Failed to Sell Grabban for £6m, clearly has to be 4th choice now and his attitude will be pure poison

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