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A word about training

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A Word about Training, applies to all training.

Training is about reaching ones fitness to perform on the fields of sports or conflict. Purposefully and efficiently. For the fields of battle, preparation for hand to hand engagement meant that one had to be able to secure ones bayonet to ones rifle in the shortest possible time so that one you may protect ones-self against like minded opponents. The training for that meant, many hours spent working by numbers on the training ground, and the assault course, where battle conditions were as near as possible assimilated. It was important that one did not insert the bayonet too deeply in the foe’s ribcage, because if you got hooked up on the foe’s ribs and were not able to reclaim ones weapon the next enemy in line would surely get you. Speed and accuracy obtained in training completion against set timing practices instilled a sense of expertise and confidence in those to be sent to perform on the battlefield. (Or Football Pitch)

This type of training in the worst conditions imaginable made our allies, and us a formidable and successful force to be reckoned with. We played by the rules of engagement and were successful during the 2nd World War. There are those on these boards who state that. Our football team can not be expected to bust a gut during training, believe me, it is necessary if we as a football team are to be successful. In any sport or pursuit nothing is free.

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