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City's winter shirts to be revealed in the autumn

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The club have announced that they will be bringing out a winter shirt in the autumn around the time the clocks go back. They will be dark brown with dark fur collars and cuffs to help combat the weather. The club says that they like to think of them as marmite, because of their colour, not because they look s***. They will be in the club shop ready to be bought for XXXXLmas for somebody you like, or even don''t like.

Steve Balmy-Bonkers, City’s headcase of retail, explained: “As it is the

first time in the club’s history we’ve had a fourth kit in the Premier

League, I wanted to create a design that had the fur factor and was

really outdoor wear.

“The fur represent care within the

community, and the shirt is all about keeping warm in the community. This

shirt is going to help players avoid frostbite; you’ll either wear it or not wear it and

that’s the fun of it. We encourage fans to let us know what they think

by expressing their views via social media (using as few four letter words as possible)"

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