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For any Northern Canaries not on the FB page...

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Ben East

5 mins

THE FINAL NW COACH POST: Right. I''ve got the coach travel down to £25 a head. That''s how much it costs to go on club canary from norwich so that''s as good as it will get.

The payoff however is that it will go from Rochdale rather than Preston, still stopping at Stockport station and m6 sandbach. And, er, we need 49 of us to do it at that price.

I do actually have approaching 40 people who have expressed an interest in doing this, and I have approx 48 hours to confirm it. If I get 40 plus of you either commenting below with the number of seats you want or emailing me at btb.east@gmail.com then I''ll book it and hope we fill the rest by Monday.

Your job however is to share this on your social networks so we get the bus full... Oh, and get your match tickets!

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