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Oh what a great day, so proud on so many fronts;-

Club, did a great job in the build up, was concerned about the flags, but somehow they worked.

Music, some great music in the build up to get the atmosphere, did it well i thought.

Legends, great to Leon and Jackson on the pitch with Hucks, Drury and Iwan, wound 1p5swich up no end.

Fans, sang their hearts out, bouncing now areal feature, brilliant.

Players looked in control, never panicked, got the result, brilliant!.

Alex Neil, football genius, so much man love!

Pitch invasion, great scenes, glad it was well behaved / policed, magical.

1p5wich, so glad they were there to share the magic of this proud day.

What a great day for our club, i am proud of everything about this great club of ours, now to Wembley Loud and Proud, COYY

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