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Now go on and take the title..

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This has to be the message to team and manager.

We faced yesterday our greatest foe. The old enemy was once again bested and without ever having to really break sweat. I doubt there were many city fans yesterday who didn''t feel the usual Derby day nerves as the whist blew for kick off. However within a few short minutes those nerves were settled by a reassuring feeling that the quality and class that this set of players have within this league would be more than enough to deal with the hoof ball game of our uncultured neighbours.

McCarthy feels there was little in it. Yes it is true that their spoilt sport style of "football" did styful our fluidity but did anybody ever doubt our abilty to go through the gears at will if really required.

How Ipswich sit where the do and for as long as they have in this league is testimony to McCarthy for they are not graced with an abundance of talent. This should be marked and seen as a warning to us. Fear nobody, for this league make fools all but a few. We are blessed and have within our grasp the chance to leave this league behind at the first time of asking again.

Awaiting us are rich that most club around the world could only dream of and we are through hard work and good managment within touching distance of it.

With the fixtures we have ahead of us and the team of players we are blessed with. This is our chance now to take this title away from the rest of the suitors. We are a premiership out fit if we believe that we are.

Don''t settle for second place take this league now. Players and manager alike must believe this to be achievable. If they do I am convinced that we will be champions.

If a team as poor as Ipswich can be so close to the top for so long. We can win this league for truly we are blessed compared to them.

Brash I hear some cry. No passionate and believing.


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