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  1. Ha, no. But is true, 20000 season ticket holders in League One. Fans have the right to be fed up when things are going wrong, but we don''t go missing, a few armchair fans will leave us but almost all season tickets will be renewed yet again. Not many other clubs with fans like ours.
  2. Still think we need two more and can''t see RVW staying, club will want to get him off the wage bill no point in taking a gamble like that.
  3. Our fans are fantastic, and that is why we will fill Carrow Road next season even if we find ourselves struggling. People can say what they like about how rubbish we are on the pitch, but can never slate our wonderful support, some of the most loyal fans in the country and maybe even the world.
  4. Adams will make a good Norwich City manager one day, but today is not his day. Need somebody experienced and proven in transfer market. If we don''t get back up then he can have his time in a few years.
  5. Yes, we do need that striker Mrs Miggins. Think we need more than one though? Do hope we avoid signing from foreign leagues where possible, never works out well for this club. One or two maybe but need a mostly British squad again.
  6. Hi new poster. Pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down, we go again. OTBC. Been trying to think of new strikers we can sign, struggled really but always liked Sharp. Shame that we are going to be without Chris Martin but think he is a similar type of player. Replacing Holty is still going to be the toughest job, we still haven''t replaced him and all of our best teams have had a good big man up front. Iwan, Sutton, Holt. Problem is I can''t think of any good big target men, Sharp isn''t a big man, anybody know some? Had a butchers at the top scorers list in League One, but when you see David Mooney and Cody McDonald on it you realise that it isn''t a very good way of shopping. Anyone else suddenly feeling that we let go of our natural Holt successor and that he now plays for Derby?
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