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  1. 7 goals and 10 assists for a struggling MK Dons team last season, I think this is his gonna be his season.I am as excited as the rest of you with Canos, but Murphy has very similar stats and I would love to see him, Canos and Maddison become first names on the sheet as the season progresses.Hopeful team start of the seasonMcgovernPintoOlssonKloseBennetHowson TetteyCanosMurphyNaismith/HoolahanJerome/ McCormack or AssombalongaI am forever the optomist but I think we will go up automatic and should see some exciting football on the way! OTBC!!
  2. doing the rounds on twitter, i am not an "in the know fella".  Started gathering momentum last night this rumour
  3. I saw him play a bit in the Euros but dont know anything other then that about him, what do you guys think?
  4. I was searching under the ncfc tag (as a lot of us are doing every 30 mins lol) his post now seems to have been taken down, but there is a post someone else has left in response to that still left there saying..7m for Assombalonga. He has the best goal to game ratio in the league. Pretty sure a 1 was missing. #nffc #ncfc I am assuming ruddy and brady are going from the starting 11 and then a load of dross. So after Canos, I think we need 2 new strikers (to replace mbokani bamford and poss lafferty), a new keeper (irish guy coming?), a new CB and I would be quite happy.
  5. We have apparantly put in a 7m big for Britt Assombalonga, source forest journalist on twitter.Would be what we need but dont think we would get him for less then £10m with the price of transfers at the moment
  6. Been looking forward to the game the last few weeks and at no point did I put two and two together and realise that it''s my best mates wedding. So I have a paper ticket for sale in the n and p area TL row A I''m gutted :(
  7. I can still remember the euphoria of the stadium when that went it, goosebumps!!!
  8. ThisisBabyish I have PM''d you and NorthernYella thank you i just dont wanna risk impaired view.
  9. Bump, Now we are closer anybody got a ticket that wont be used?
  10. If Prem I would like to convert Bamford''s loan to a permanent, sign a surprise lower leaguer Andre Grey (Expensive) Nicky Ajose or Adam Armstrong, then someone who we can rely on to score  like Shane Long or Jermaine Defoe.I''m to optomistic to think about is we are in the champs ;)
  11. Hey guys as the subject suggests need a ticket for the Newcastle game, anywhere in the ground as long as its not an impaired view.I am always in the rose on queens road before the game so could pick it up from there or at the ground.  Yours hopefully....
  12. Looking for a single seat will sit anywhere in the ground as long as its not impaired view (which is all thats left online)thanks in advance coyy!
  13. Finally!! 3 year dealhttp://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2015/07/28/robbie-brady-agrees-three-year-deal-at-norwich/?utm_medium=share%20service&utm_campaign=social%20media&utm_source=twitter&utm_content=HITCdeadlineday
  14. I think £6m is about right and his value will only go up
  15. Guy on Twitter who has been reliable saying we have just had a 6m bid accepted for Brady.Happy with that if true now lets get the revolving doors going!!!
  16. Its on twitter just saying the ammount will be announced soon I imagine in the next 30 minutes.
  17. As the title says we have secured extra tickets
  18. 6 tickets just arrived! with this following on from both days at radio one big weekend its gonna be epic!!!
  19. Ketts Tavern hasnt changed hands just added a smoke house they still show the sky games
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