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  1. You didn''t like our last two shirts? OK so they were almost identical, but I''ve heard many comments from non-Norwich fans who have said that our 2011/12 kit was the nicest in the league (the one with the quirky Italian video with Hoolahan on a scooter). What would anybody possibly have against that kit? It was lush. Also, however bad our kit we can always console ourselves in the fact that we have a sponsor who is at least accepted by society as a half ethical company with a serious purpose for existence. You can have the nicest kit in the world but if you have WONGA written across it then you can forget about wearing your teams colours with any self-respect or dignity.
  2. Who else is getting a little nervous about the lack of transfer activity? I fully expect Hughton to deliver the goods, but it is natural to get a little bit worried isn''t it? I''m hoping that we have a couple signed and completed, to be announced on 1st July (and therefore showing much more class than Villa who announce on 26th June that they are completing the signing of a player on 1st July). We were spoilt a little by Lambert getting business done early, and of course quality is more important than quantity, but I can''t help feeling a little unease. I will blame it on the Worthington/Doncaster days when we saw so much talk and so little action. Part of me looks at Villa and feels a little envious at their prolific rate of signings, and then another part of me looks at the names and realises that in reality they are bargain basement shopping and doing that typical Lambert thing of buying six and hoping that four come good. We can console ourselves in the fact that Hughton has an extremely good record of bringing in the right men at the right price, right? Last summer was an excellent summer of business with the exception of the failure to sign a decent striker, Bassong + Turner + Tettey + Bunn + Snodgrass in particular proved incredibly important acquisitions. In that list of five we have the players player of the year, and the two top choices for fans player of the year, plus a goalkeeper who allowed us to avoid a potential Andy Marshall 1995 situation which would in hindsight have probably have relegated us if we weren''t permitted an emergency loan. In Hughton we trust, if a little reservedly?
  3. Do you think that getting Holt printed on a shirt at this stage in the season would be a wise thing to do? As for our shirt, I am a firm believer that shirts leave a ''legacy''. We remember the shirts from our successful periods fondly. If we were to win the FA Cup next season then expect this seasons shirts to be selling for £120 on eBay in twenty years time. There can be no other logical reason why our 92/94 shirt is treated as a quality piece of vintage clobber when we all know deep down that it is one of the most grotesque football shirts in the history of the English game.
  4. WARNING: Pointless Post Alert Sorry if the title got anybodies hopes up. I''m not ''in the know'', haven''t seen anything on twitter, and don''t read the red tops. Instead I''m just - rather pointlessly - sharing the name of a footballer that I''d love to see at Norwich. We arguably don''t need a centre back, especially if we have a right back lined up, but if Martin can be persuaded to do one more year as a specialist right back, and if Leon Barnett and/or Daniel Ayala leave, then another surely wouldn''t do any harm. If I could choose any realistic defensive target it would be Kyle Naughton, if he was out of the question then I''d love to see us sign Michael Mancienne. One of the most underrated English players, great attitude, and one who is actually willing to shun the London party scene / WAG scene to go and play football in a country where they take football seriously. He has become an important and respected player for a big club (Hamburger SV) who a little like Sporting Lisbon are currently underachieving, they only paid a couple of million for him and I''d have thought that £5m would be enough to grab him (purely guess of course). What would be your opinion on Mancienne? Personally I think it''s a travesty that he hasn''t been given an England call while people like Joleon Lescott get one after playing reserve team football for a year, and that''s before I mention people like Steven Taylor. Yeah yeah I know, I''m scouting for the club, better tell McNally, etc etc.... just throwing a name into the ring. A name that we have already heard is Andros Townsend. People suddenly went cold on him after his betting scandal but he did the business on the pitch for QPR last season, would also love to see this lad competing for our left wing spot, especially as with his stock down, surely the potential for a real bargain there? Both of these players fit the mould of being relatively young with scope for improvement. Townsend made a mistake but he wouldn''t be the only Norwich player to like a flutter should he arrive. What do other think about Mancienne and Townsend?
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