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  1. And doing that f**king stupid chant when the oppositions keeper takes a goal kick isn''t cringe worthy? Bell end.
  2. It''s about time we had some new songs for one or two of our players, how''s this for a kick off:- Oh dear what can the matter be, We could never score on a Saturdee, Now we''ve signed up Grabban and Lafferty, There is no need for despair.
  3. What about these:- Garrido, whoooaaah Garrido, whoooaaah He came from Lazio To play at Carrow Road (Or he came from Italy, he''s better than Tierney)   And to the tune of Que sera sera:- Oh Bassong Bassong He passes it short and long He''s big and he''s f**king strong Oh Bassong Bassong  
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