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  1. Haha, cheers for that! Nah doesnt hurt me..i dont stay up nights wondering how big of a club we are right now. As for Snodgrass he was class for us, and i thought he could be a good PL player. As regards Johnson im happy to be proven wrong; was just pointing out that he never seemed that good in league 1 for us.Anyway, if you look for it on WACCOE you''ll find that sort of reaction..for myself i don''t care who we sell to..or what it implies..the fortunes of football clubs can change very quickly- no better proof of that than us!Jake.
  2. Our (Leeds) official site and local paper both saying Norwich paid us an undisclosed sum. Not seen anything to the contrary on sky, and i doubt they''d put it out there like that if it would later have to be taken back, to the embarrassment of all.
  3. Hey guys..Leeds fan in peace..Think this deal has surprised everyone..in part because swaps are so uncommon. To clear up the exact details; our official site is saying that Norwich have paid an undisclosed fee- in addition to Morison- for Becchio. This is what we pretty much expected, but just had a quick look here and some of you were expecting that we''d be paying a fee- £1m or something. Really dont think that was ever likely..Becchio, whatever i think of him, is a hot property just now and has almost two years on his contract. Morison has been struggling a bit at Carrow road, by all accounts. So whilst i dont expect you guys have paid us more than £1m or so, most people i talk to seem happy with the deal. That''s not to say we wanted rid of him..i''ll always love him and he''s something of a hero for us. But since he wanted to leave, i think we''ve gotten a good deal out of it for all parties. Thought you might care for a quick appraisal from someone that watches him every week, so here goes:His strengths: Class finisher..in the air and on the ground. Scores all types of goals, cept the outside-the-box ones.Works hard, and the fans will warm to him.Suffers few injuries.His weaknesses:Approach play. His touch isn''t all that good, and lots of times moves break down because of him.Pace. He isn''t quick.Allright, hope that''s been useful! In return if y''all could tell me about Morison that''d be good! Remember a little of him at Milwall and always looked a pretty good player, but lately haven''t seen much of him.One other thing: what''s happening with Howson? He doesn''t seem to have played much for you guys..good player though..and one we were sorry to lose. That kinda goes for all the Leeds boys you took..except Johnson, who even in L1 i wasn''t enamored with.Thanks! And so long Lucs!
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