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  1. [quote user="Gingerpele"]We haven''t been playing defensive football today you prat. Actually watch the game.[/quote] Are you kidding??!
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fotmpIa0-EQ Get one of the Choas Crew to start this up ( that''s a joke for those of you with no sense of humour)
  3. If you took the left foot of Messi, legs on Ronaldo, brain of Xavi, vision of alonso and skill of Ronaldinho then you would have a player half as good as Kamara. without doubt the single best transfer in the clubs history
  4. I was saying it would be nice to play 2 up front and see some attacking football back at carrow road.
  5. Some of you lot dont understand what I am trying to say so I will break it down for you. My main point was: We did not miss Holt. What I am saying is that if Holt had played and we had played 4-5-1 as usual,we would have come out with the same result that we actually got. It is not a negative post about Holt but rather the system that we have adopted through CH. I am just saying Holt may run around and hassle more defenders but most of the time that doesnt equal goals but rather makes the fans say...''holt does so much for the team because he runs loads and defenders say he is hard to play against'' And the fact of the matter is at the end of the day Strikers will be judged on goals and assists. So he may run around a lot and work really hard for the team which I appreciate as I attend most games however I dont feel we missed him significantly last week. What I will say is that im looking forward to somehow playing 2 up front and including kamara in the team.....choosing that exact team is difficult to say which is why I am glad CH is the manager.
  6. yet the games he has played there have been no goals............. I never judge a player on purely goals or assists however Holt has not scored or assisted a goal for a long time so how can you say we missed him badly when we have picked up no difference in points when he has played and he has not. I think Holt is a great player however I still believe we did not miss him last game that was what I was saying from the Start I was not saying he is rubbish or we need to get rid of him I said we didnt miss him and becchio deserved a chance and should not be judged on one game as recently we have barely attacked in games. As I said before we could have van persie up front and he would find it difficult to score for us becaudse we dont get in attacking postitions enough and we expect far too much from out strikers, Holt is not the type of player to take on three defenders and score.
  7. 1. We had the debate already yesterday. 2. Yes, you are overreacting. Get off your high horse Ginger Peler
  8. he is adding so much to our game yet we havent had a better result than today for 9 games. so basically his impact is useless. you lot love holt too much
  9. and what exactly has Holt done in the last 8 games?
  10. Please remind me how many goals he has this year and assists??? Becchio didnt play badly, we just dont play to the strikers strengths currently. No matter what striker we had they would would struggle to score with the way Chris Hughton plays. It is unfair to say becchio played badly he did just as much as Holt usually does and like Holt he didnt score because of a lack of service and ultimately a lack of attacking football.
  11. haha a definite foul from bennet there went completely through the man!
  12. Have to agree with this. I love Holt as much as the next but he really hasnt done much, people always use the excuse ''well he runs around a lot'' but unfortunately that hasnt been enough today and he is playing so deep when Hoolahan gets the ball most of the time he has no one to pass to up top. Holt needs to be on the last man at all times, not out on the wing especially when we are going forward.
  13. One for Garrido Oh oh oh he''s magic you knowww, you''ll never get past Garrido!
  14. Song for tomorrow... Ohhh he''s magic you knoooow luciano becchio
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