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  1. I think he should be the Carrow Rd . car park attendant , he would pack all the home supporters vehicles, except one, to the rear end, away fans could park wherever they wanted in the middle and towards the stadium whilst the lone Norwich car could spend the whole of the afternoon trying to get his between two white lines without any success, at which point CH would explain to the awaiting media that he really was up against some very well organised away parking.[quote user="First Wizard"][quote user="pyjamas"]Actually, I''d like to see Chris Hughton stay on at NCFC in some capacity. Maybe a position as janitor would suit him?[/quote]   Ah, Bryan Gunn''s old job. [/quote]
  2. nil - something. Another boring, arse and brain numbing,overprice, carra rud experience ! I am however confident that we will score a goal before the end of the season , Does anyone buy golden goal tickets any more ? Wake me up when its over. Yawn
  3. You forgot Ryan Bennett , he puts the fear of God into me , i was told we paid 2.5 million for him,.... cannot be true , is it? Hoof , hope and panic, thats our defence The plus side of all this rubbish is that the season ticket waiting list will not exceed supply, for the first time in years ! No need for ground expansion with this s**t on offer week in, week out.
  4. I am so bored with watching such negative rubbish. We even play defensively against a non league side . Lets not spend any money during this window , cancel contracts of under- performing fringe players to get them off the wage bill, go down to the championship, solvent, If CH doesn;t know how to play open expansive , entertaining football , then lets find our next manager sooner rather than later.The wheels have fallen off , make no mistake , John Bond must be turning in his grave , those were the days .
  5. The new Simon Tracey ? He doesn''t seem to get stop anything , doesn;t come off his line, flaps at crosses and makes the whole team nervous
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