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  1. prior to the match I met the players and hughton at like 4... and Hughton said we''re working really hard but not more strikers to be bought in.. Also nice to hear a song for Becchio, and one for Elmander too! The atmosphere was pretty good for a 2nd round cup game too!
  2. Just wondering, has anyone on here ever started a song for a player and got it to catch on? Idea for Becchio or Garrido? He''s magic you know, you''ll never get past Becchiooooooooo/Garridooooooooo
  3. Fed up of people who say they''d be gutted to see Hooper here! He has a great goal scoring record in the Championship and SPL, yes they made not be "top leagues" but it still proves he''s an instinctive finisher. For potentially £5 million, this would be a clever buy and would provide us with a different option to RVW if he gets injured lets say.
  4. [quote user="Sons of Boadicea"]Is he any better than Becchio?......[/quote] probably not
  5. [quote user="Dandy Mountfarto"]They are up on Canaries Player. Murphy''s goal is a peach[/quote] i dont have money to fork out on services such as canarys player :(
  6. [quote user="ReadingCanary"]There is a great difference to having watched a 5min YouTube Highlight clip and having seen him play for a variety of clubs over the years.I could make Julien Brellier look decent if you gave me 20minutes of highlights and a YouTube account[/quote] classic.
  7. i guess we will get in 2 more strikers though, seeing as weve been chasing Quag and Toivonen, I feel if we get Maxi, the other striker will be someone that plays in the hole too (which is why Jackson should have been kept!)
  8. Ferrrrrrrrrr, Fer will tear you apart again, Simple.
  9. no one actually has a source so there''s no point in it.
  10. Dutch media are confident that fer is announced tomorrow.
  11. [quote user="Twitchy"][quote user="Mr Brownstone"]There''s a poster on the thread about a Hooper sighting that is saying thatMcNally has said there won''t be any more signings this week. I believe he''s been proved to have a source at FCR before. Hope he''s wrong, really want this one to happen but the longer it goes on the less confident I become.[/quote]Ah cr@p to that then, was really hoping for some good news come Friday, is Mr Lister one of the chosen few ala BBC/CUSDP?[/quote] he cant have inside sources
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