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  1. A season ticket to stream matches used to be £130 for overseas viewers I think. I hope they offer this to UK viewers. They need to offer a reasonable price if they want fans to subscribe. I only pay £17 per month for sky sports in HD and that includes loads of content for a whole month. £10 per match would be far too much for me to pay personally. I'd pay it for a one off match but not every week.
  2. With the current Covid restrictions unlikely to fully go away soon, what provisions do you think the league will make for live coverage of matches? I wonder if we will be able to buy a season pass to live stream every match? I'm guessing clubs wouldn't be too keen on this in case restrictions lift part way through the season. However, if they do it match by match, how many fans would be willing or able to pay £10 to watch every match? I personally hope they offer a season ticket but it will be interesting to see.
  3. 4 leading government scientists have now come out to say that the lockdown restrictions are been eased too early and that this will cost thousands of needless lives to be lost. If you are worried, please sign and share the following petition. http://chng.it/NGPfKBq6
  4. Thanks to those that have signed so far. Slow start but if anyone could help share it on social media, that would be great. Thanks
  5. Any support would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure this would take off if you could sign and share. Thanks for your help.
  6. BT are currently refusing to let customers pause their sports subscription like Sky have done. This is shameful and is causing worry for customers and making people telephone their already overwhelmed call centres. Please could everyone sign and share this petition. I think it will take off quickly if people share it. Force BT to allow customers to be able to pause BT Sport subscriptions - Sign the Petition! http://chng.it/qNbhy54J via @UKChange
  7. I know people are often not interested in rumours but here goes... Some Leeds fans I know with close connections to the club told me that Becchio is going to sign for us for £4m. Apparently, he has said his goodbyes to Leeds staff already. Please take this with a pinch of salt. May just be another rumour.
  8. Hi Tickets have gone. therossjack - I will email you now. Cheers
  9. Hi I have 2 tickets to give away for free for the QPR game. This is not a joke - let me explain. I was lucky enough to win twice on the Barclays website (they give tickets away every 90 minutes). However, in their stupidity, they have given me both pairs of tickets to the QPR game! I asked if they would change one of the pairs of tickets but they would not. So, I am left with two spare tickets. I am not allowed to sell them (as per the t+c). I live in York now and the few people I know in Norwich still cannot make the game! Rather than see the tickets go to waste, if you could genuinely use them, pm me and you can have them. First person will get the tickets.
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