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  1. Just seen this if helpful? In the old Ceefax style. https://twitter.com/FootieFax/status/1134101254752411654
  2. I''ve Got a ticket for todays game if anybody needs one. £25 sitting in the City stand along goal line. PM me if interested.
  3. Thanks for the help everyone, great to know there are a few options, bus/train sound like a good way.
  4. Cheers Pete, is there any bus services from this way, used to get West Norfolk Canary buses few years back, wondered if there''s anything like that? Cant seem to find any info anywhere and ticket office wasn''t too helpful
  5. Hey, First post on here so sorry if its in wrong section. I am moving to St Neots near Cambridge (work reasons) just after the start of the season and was wondering if any of you lived around this area and which way is the easiest to travel to the home games? Thanks
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