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  1. Alan Curbishley. Failing that.... Alan Curbishley!
  2. [quote user="Yorkshire Canary"]Been out of a job for far too long. Not sure why he could have got many good jobs in the past but yesterdays man[/quote] 4 years. Wasn''t it a better league 4 years ago? Forget about what he achieved at Charlton then. This manager made sure Tevez (didn''t start well with Pardew) was on top form. His first season in the league and somehow keep west ham up in 2007. Finished in the top half the next year with his best players injured. While Pardew was getting charlton relegated. Better manager than given credit.
  3. "Who is he? Who is he?" Alan Curbishley! Better track record than the dross being talked up on the pinkun forum. Underrated now it seems? Have football fans forgotten. He''ll give us the stability needed to establish Prem football. 35000 and the next level. Yes! During his Charlton Prem days he outperformed Aston Villa in his last 4 years in charge. That''s who is he!
  4. Hello.. been viewing the forum for a while..and from the gist of it, there seems some angst about Lambert leaving in the foreseeable future, for a slightly bigger club (spurs or villa).. Well, think Curbs done a super job at Charlton with a predominately British team of no real stand out players.. much like the current Norwich side.. Kept West Ham up in difficult circumstances (foreign agent using team to advertise players). What a great job Lamberts done, but for piece of mind about the future of our team in the top flight, it''d be nice to have Curbs in reserve hey, to consolidate prem football. Remember not so long ago when he was being banded the hottest young thing in football management..much like Lambert of today
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