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  1. Kia Joorabchian  - it makes me shudder that he''s indirectly involved with QPR. It makes me shudder even more that he has such an influence on football. The guy and all of his ilk are a big part of what is wrong with football today. Probably a seperate topic but I still don''t get why clubs have to pay the agents fees.  A footballers agent is there to represent him, the footballer. Why can''t HE pay HIS agent?  If you''re an actor, you pay your agent for getting you parts. The TV/film company doesn''t pay the agent. Not as far as I''m aware anyway.      
  2.   Yeah, Hughes can be a bit cold. He certainly has divided opinion amongst QPR fans. After the last game of last season, he said words to the effect of "QPR will not be in a relegation battle while I''m Manager". Whilst I see where he''s coming from, there are already fans of other clubs (well, a Swansea fan) on another forum accusing Hughes of being arrogant and suggesting Hughes is saying QPR has a divine right to be higher up the table. I think the Swansea fans has taken the words out of context a bit. Hughes, or any manager, is hardly going to say "yeah, we''re really going to struggle this season... bring it on" As for who will go down, I really don''t know. Last season was a bit easier as I think most people thought Bolton, Blackburn, Wolves, QPR, Wigan etc would struggle and they all did. It was just a matter of which order they finished in. This season will be a lot tougher and I think a minimum of 40-42 points is needed for survival.
  3. Whilst I agree our buying has been a tad plentiful , I''d hardly call it ''panic''.  We''ve signed some very good players in Park, Granero, Mbia, Cesar, Hoilett, Boswinga etc. It''s now getting them to play as a team and hopefully the results will come. I know there''s a lot of split opinions about the approach the club has taken but at the end of the day, they''re the owners and run the club how they see fit, just as with the owners of all clubs. We as fans have to trust them and hope it all works. Only time will tell. I don''t think we''ll go down. Our squad is much stronger than last season. I don''t expect us to be flying high either, I''d be happy with 14th! It''s all about year on year growth. Small steps, Rome wasn''t built in a day, from little acorns.... and all that.  
  4. LeJuge, I never said Norwich don''t have ''fantastic fans''.  I get frustrated  that people criticise QPR''s attendances but without looking at the bigger picture.  QPR fans have never maintained we''re a big club.  Our average attendances have only fluctuated by a few thousand over the last 15 years despite playing in the top three tiers in that time so at least we can''t be called disloyal.  Look at the so-called North East giants.... their attendances drop massivley upon relegation from the Prem. Sunderland at the weekend must have had a fire drill the way their fans were streaming out before the game ended. Yes, QPR is in a hugely densley populated city but has competition from many other football clubs, rugby clubs and other forms of entertainment.  The population is hugely non-indigenous too (somethingh like 52% of people living in London are not from London... I I include other parts of the UK as well as from abroad) and they either have no interest in football or are only in London for a short space of time (18 months?) they''d rather watch a Chelsea, a Arsenal etc. We have the fans, they are out there (55,000 at Wembley in 1986, a post war record that not even the ''big four'' matched... though of course they could if they had the allocation we had! ;o) ), it''s a matter of getting them back whilst also courting the next generation of youngsters plus the floating fan.      
  5. Meh.... regarding our attendance, fans of other clubs seem to forget we have not one but two Premiership clubs down the road. Fulham is 3 miles away and Chelsea (one of the top clubs in the country... spit spit) is 3.5miles. Add to that Arsenal & Spurs less than 10 miles plus the Championship & lower divison clubs too and that''s a dozen clubs in London plus Watford & Reading close by. Norwich''s, for example, closest is Spurs, over 100 miles away. Ipswich, Peterborough, Colchester & Southend all a significant distance away not to have an effect. Same with Swansea, apart from Cardiff, no other major club for miles. Phil Beard is certainly going to earn his keep if our attendances are to grow to the point where not only do we need to move, but we can then sustain that. It''ll be hard work but they seem up for it.
  6. I have no idea whether Tony Fernandes is the real deal or not but he''s done more in a few weeks than Tango & Cash did in 4 years so he''s certainly shown tremendous faith in the club. Briatore was utterly insulting to the fans and treated us with nothing but contempt.  The man is obnoxious beyond belief.  There''s an independant film coming out soon called "The Four Year" plan and I think it''ll be a real eye opener how they ran things during their tenure. http://www.adhocfilms.com/projects/the-4-year-plan   Fernandes has never hidden his feeldings towards West Ham but he''s also said he lived for quite a while on the Uxbridge Road (a big main road two streets from Loftus Road) and went to see QPR often and has a soft spot for the club. With most clubs, we''re at the mercy of the owners and have to hope & trust they''ll do the right thing.
  7. OK, well maybe my comment about "Nice colour scheme?" was a little bit tongue in cheek but I felt agrieved about the insinuations. I can imagine how pi$$ed off you lot must be about Man U using their Newton Heath colours as green/yellow these days is pretty synonomous with Norwich but it''s just like Reading reverting back to blue & white hoops in the 90''s when they had not used it for literally decades then they get all righteous about how we are the ''fake hoops''.  Yes, they may have had it before us but not by much but they dropped it fairly soon after whereas we have used it unbroken for nearly 100 years.    
  8.   Hi LeJuge, interesting comments (yes, I was aware of the whole Lotus issue even before Fernandes took over at QPR) but it was a bit of a waste of 5 paragraphs. Any references to yellow & green, Lotus etc are merely coincidental and bears no relation to my comment about the Team Loftus sticker on the F1 car. Gingerpele wrote "I would rather we had an owner that actually cares about the team" insinutaing our new owners don''t care. By showing what Tony Fernandes had done at the Belgian Grand Prix was to illustarte that he DOES care.  
  9. Nope, never heard of this site until today. Saw a link to this thread from another site.
  10. Thread entitled "QPR v Newcastle" Normally I agree with you but considering there''s been inaccurate things said about QPR, just wanted to put the record straight.
  11. "i just dont want to see them do well because all this rubbish how good they were last year and they werent, just a one man show" 2010-11 PFA Championship Team of the Year; Paddy Kenny (Queens Park Rangers) Kyle Naughton (Leicester City) Wes Morgan (Nottingham Forest) Ashley Williams (Swansea City) Ian Harte (Reading) Adel Taarabt (Queens Park Rangers) Andy King (Leicester City) Wes Hoolahan (Norwich City) Scott Sinclair (Swansea City) Grant Holt (Norwich City) Danny Graham (Watford) Two each from the three promoted teams so not quite a one man show. The team was purposely built around Taarabt so no doubt he got the limelight but as well as him and Kenny we had Derry, Faulin, Gorkks, Routlege, Helguson that all had a blinding season amongst others. Yes, we were something like ''only'' the 5th highest scoring team in the divison but we registered 9 ''doubles'', considerably more than any other club, and kept a divisional record of 23 clean sheets and conceded by some distance the least amount of goals. We were most certainly not boring to watch, racking up 2-0, 3-0, 3-1, 4-0 wins and in fact, our first 1-0 win wasn''t until February 4th, away at Reading, two thirds into the season. But you''re right, we weren''t all that good last season.
  12. How do you know ours aren''t sustainable though? They might be, they might not be but you can''t pass off speculation as fact. Did you see the picture of "Team Loftus"? Nice isn''t it.
  13. [quote user="Gingerpele"]Lets all go support QPR then, they have room in their ground.... They are exactly whats wrong with football, buying success. I''m surprised Warnock is involved, i thought he was the type of person who would be against all that, but no he''s happy to spend millions on players who are better/were better than players QPR should be attracting, but money speaks. I really don''t care if QPR finish in the top 10, and we finish bottom, I would rather we had an owner that actually cares about the team, a manager who wants to build up a team and a squad, and players who put in 100% effort and disruption is never going to happen within the squad. QPR cannot claim to have any of that, i''m happy to be a NCFC fan.[/quote] Hello, first post and I just find the comments above hilarious and completely ill informed. "They are exactly whats wrong with football, buying success" Buying success?? Lets see... Norwich; Steve Morison (Millwall, £2.8m), James Vaughan (Everton, £2.5m), Anthony Pilkington (Huddersfield, £2m), Daniel Ayala (Liverpool, undisclosed), Elliott Bennett (Brighton, undisclosed), Bradley Johnson (Leeds, free), Ritchie De Laet (Manchester United, loan), Kyle Naughton (Tottenham, loan). TOTAL (excluding undisclosed fees) = £7.3m QPR; DJ Campbell (Blackpool, £1.2m), Armand Traore (Arsenal, undisclosed), Danny Gabbidon (West Ham, free), Kieron Dyer (West Ham, free), Jay Bothroyd (Cardiff, free), Brian Murphy (Ipswich, free), Bruno Perone (Tombense, free), Joey Barton (Newcastle, free), Shaun Wright-Phillips (QPR, undisclosed), Anton Ferdinand (Sunderland, £3m). TOTAL (excluding undisclosed fees) = £4.2m Maths was never my strong point but even I can work out Norwich have spent a lot more on transfers. "I would rather we had an owner that actually cares about the team" Have you got no idea what Tony Fernandes plus Amit Bhatia & Phil Beard have done for the club in just a few short weeks? How many F1 cars at the Belgium Grand Prix had "Team Carrow" on then? Well... we had this; http://paultan.org/image/team-loftus.jpg Nice colour scheme.. don''t you think?! "...a manager who wants to build up a team and a squad" errrr, yes he does. "....players who put in 100% effort and disruption is never going to happen within the squad". Did you not see the game tonight then? "QPR cannot claim to have any of that" WRONG, so utterly wrong.
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