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  1. jb,There are a few racks opposite the hotel,but these do tend to be taken up quite early on matchdays.Especially if the weather conditions are good!If these are full,there is,opposite the hotel, the fence alongside where the ambulance parking is.I myself normally put my bike here.Just as a footnote,St Andrews car park in the city has 24/7 secure bike parking which is free of charge.This,I realise is further from the ground,but thought i would make you aware of it.
  2. Steve,i must say that i tend to agree with your views regarding canary call and radio norfolk commentary, but hold on,if we took too much notice of our (closer to the canaries} local station, none of us would have attended the Burnley game last night,due to 2 cm of snow,and the order to not make you journey unless absolutely necessary,and then only armed with shovel, flask, sat nav, and reindeer!!!!!
  3. Matt, i also agree with your views on the doc,and wish to go one further and say that with the loan of davenport it has made doherty a better player,something  i would like to see maintained by davenport being signed by us following the loan spell.also good to see doherty being made captain v wolves.
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