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  1. You are correct, however in scenarios in which a company can be found at a financial loss they can attempt to gain some compensation , that''s all green is trying to do, we will prob end up paying a token sum. I have no idea why the sfa haven''t granted Clearence for us to sign him however and for the fee to be agreed later.
  2. No they weren''t given the option, the club didn''t come forth and say look we are going to give you a choice, the agents/representatives of the players thought that they would get away with it if they refused, people keep saying that rangers don''t exist anymore but they stil legally do, if it''s been processed well by their administrators the. Currently the players contract will be held in trust rather than by the club itself.
  3. Actually legally he is contracted to the Newco rangers, we will end up paying compensation probably equal p a transfer fee. Green bought the assets or the former rangers club and it''s standard in most employment contracts and almost all professional sportsmen and women that in the event of liquidation of a new co is formed then their contract 2p''s over.
  4. You could produce an entire squad of players from that list! Kingson Paintsil Sonko Gabbidon Spector Larsson Reid Cohen Reo Coker Carew Nugent Subs: Hahnemann, Gudjohnsen, Cruise, Caldwell, Bothroyd, Kamara, Brown. Squad: Boqyer, Phillips, Brad Johnson, Gudjohnsen, Campbell, edwards
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