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  1. Hi there. If you have a spare minute of two there''s I have a new NCFC blog article here: http://debraorton.com/blog/why%E2%80%A6-norwich-city/ It focusses on the players hair a lot for some strange reason. Sorry in advance if you have to copy and paste link in browser to read. Still not worked out on here how to paste a link so that you can click through. Thanks
  2. Guest writer, Rob Turner (Norwich fan), discusses his personal take on the much used phrase ''the beautiful game''. It''s an excellent short and punchy read with added Marc Libbra: http://debraorton.com/blog/the-beautiful-game/. If you''d like to write a blog piece for us please drop me a line: helloATdebraortonDOTcom. Thanks!
  3. Oh dear the penny just dropped. You mean Stephen, not Barry. Sorry BY. Back to school for me. Stupid, stupid Debra.
  4. I''m not sure BY if that is a dig or a profound statement. If you''re suggesting I follow Mr Fry on Twitter then for the record: no I do not; nor did I know he was on there; and if he is nor do I care. If you mean something else entirely then do please share. Thanks
  5. Pretty positive on the whole with more than one or two envious glances at how we''ve gone about it and the club in general. http://bit.ly/iEJ3Tr
  6. Hello all My husband has written a rather fine blog piece on Wessi. If you would like to read the link is here: http://bit.ly/ij5PoQ Had some great feedback on Twitter which was nice to read. OTBC Dx
  7. It all makes perfect sense but sadly I can''t link as I''m not seeing any images in either Chrome or Explorer. If this were my blog or a doc it would be fine. I can''t reply to individual posts either. No idea why and that''s why I''m having to do a new message. And finally here''s the correct address but not, for reasons explained above, in the form I would like it to be: http://debraorton.com/blog/perfect-match-valentines-day-competition-the-winners/
  8. Here''s the link that won''t work as usual! http://debraorton.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=542&action=edit&message=1 Big thanks to everyone that took the time to enter. Dx
  9. There''s a little over an hour left before my Perfect Match competition ends and I draw the winner. So if you''d like to enter for a chance to win one of my limited edition NCFC prints you''d better get a move on! It''s stupidly easy. What to do is here: http://debraorton.com/blog/score-this-valentines-day-with-my-free-to-enter-competition-perfect-match/ (
  10. Hello all. If you''d like to win one of my signed NCFC prints in time for Valentine''s Day please head to http://bit.ly/if2pPe and answer the oh so easy question. Thanks Dx
  11. Thanks to you both. Not sure why it didn''t read my link but then I''m not very good at the whole computer thing full stop!
  12. Hello everyone For those that do not know me (and why should you?!) my name is Debra, I paint pictures and I''m a big Norwich City fan. I just wanted to draw your attention (pun intended) to my limited edition prints http://debraorton.com/shop/norwichcityfootballclub/. Not only because it would be great if you looked but because the cut off date for ordering framed prints, not prints only, is nearly upon us - Monday 6th to be precise. More info on my blog. Real shame about Surman. Hope he has a speedy recovery. And 3 points tomorrow please. D
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