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  1. I can''t be arsed with you anymore Snorty, your not even funny.I make a few typos, and your correcting every one, sad.Do you not think I am doing it on purpose??No work on today???
  2. True Yellow...Bring it on mate!!I will be at both games Snorty!I hope I can stay to, but it will be us wiping the floor with you, believe me !
  3. This forum is shit anyway!!!TWTD is a lot better, we get you lot on there!! Crowing about how you managed to beat all the little teams, but fail to mention losing to Orient, Tranmere, Colchester ect!!
  4. Ok then true yellow.....Cant wait !C**t! So what, we got knocked out of the Cups by lower league teams....So did Man U !
  5. A then not an !!! Bloody hell, dont you lot have nothing better to do??You must have a family member waiting for a sh*g !!
  6. I did go to school, I haven''t got any extra fingers. Everyone makes typo''s !Get over it!
  7. Sorry thought it was 92 :/Jealous?? Hahahahahahahaha yeah......!!!
  8. Yes but that was 18 years ago, and to a better team!!
  9. Your all scum, get over yourselfs, you won League 1 woop de fucking woop!!! Massive achievement
  10. "It''s just the usual garbage from from some chavvy little scrote, using a knicked laptop, draped in fake Burberry and Argos gold, with his partner, Frogmella and assorted illigitimate brats, whiling away the time until the next round of benefit cheating. Come back when your average little team achieves something other than a draw,and when you can actually record crowds larger than us on a week by week basis. Back under your rock you spawn of ''Keeeeeno the failure''!! At least you will play in front of a capacity crowd once next season!" You think that if you want hahaha!!But im not a chav, I havent got kids, and im not using a laptop, and I dont get benefits.!!
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