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  1. 13 minutes ago, littleyellowbirdie said:

    Really interesting to hear you say that after the fuss you made about claiming people refused to make criticisms of Reform on the thread on the subject that you refused to create in the first place after you criticised CC for not creating a thread on the subject.


    7 minutes ago, littleyellowbirdie said:

    And this statement turns out you were acting like you deserved a medal for saying what turns out to be nothing at all.

    You really aren’t very good at this.

    No fuss was made about any of them. Merely questioned why some posters (one of whom had recently posted numerous times about wanting to put forward a balanced view) were getting worked up over this guy, but were refusing outright to criticise  two guys who were kicked out of their party for being racist towards Muslims and black people.

    Refusing to do so because it wasn’t in a separate thread was an especially peculiar, some may say telling, response. (Most people who weren’t racist would just have said “yeah they’re racist 5cum as well”.)

    Anyhoo, as we seem to be stuck in a cycle of certain posters pretending not to be racist, trying desperately to avoid having to criticise anyone who is racist, and then trying but failing to make a half decent point about, well, anything, I may leave you both to it. It’s been fun.

    P.S. If you manage to decide if you are racist or not, do let me know.

  2. 1 minute ago, littleyellowbirdie said:

    Sorry, you're in major arrears for answering questions. You need to build up some credit on that score.

    Probably a wise tactic. Wait for the question where you can reel off a nice para from wiki and not have to risk engaging your brain again.

  3. Just now, littleyellowbirdie said:

    On that subject, Mothin Ali has said that criticism of him has a strong whiff of Islamophobia, so as you criticised him on this thread, you're an Islamophobe. Sorry about that.

    Should I take the quick change of subject to mean you’re not sure if you’re a racist then, or just that your last post wasn’t very well thought through and perhaps you’d be better off sticking to copying and pasting from the internet after all?

    As to Mothin Ali, fairly sure all I’ve said is that the Green Party should investigate and take appropriate action.

  4. 3 minutes ago, littleyellowbirdie said:

    That's because they're so utterly certain of their own self-righteousness that the accusations just flow over them.. To be offended at the accusation, you have to have some degree of introspection and some concern about the accusation.


    So you’re saying you and NC aren’t sure if you’re racist or not?


  5. 2 hours ago, Naturalcynic said:

    Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. Take your juvenile trolling elsewhere.

    Why so touchy? I don’t recall any of the ‘left wing extremists’  or ‘uk-hating apologists for islamism’ getting so worked up when you and your best mate were throwing those terms around.

    For legal reasons, I won’t call anybody a snowflake.

  6. 13 minutes ago, Naturalcynic said:

    Racist views?  What absolute cobblers which, if this message board wasn’t anonymous, would be libellous.  Show me one comment I’ve made which is racist.

    As for Reform candidates, I’ve no idea what they said and have no interest in them.  They’re nothing to do with this thread.  If you want to discuss them, start a new thread.

    You’d also need to prove you weren’t racist before it would be libellous. How are you doing that?

  7. Just now, Yellow Fever said:

    I think that sums it up nicely - All road users need to be aware of and reactive to others - that's how it 'works'. The car driver (and 'metal box' gives away a bias) ultimately is at fault technically. That doesn't excuse the cyclists actions though! It so easily could have been another cyclist crossing and the crash would of been the same.

    Without reference to the 'law' it''s so obviously a mixture of both (and for laughs in my youth I've cycled into a stationary car before now not paying enough attention - pride damaged). More safety awareness needed for both parties.

    I’m not even sure it’s that clear cut technically / legally - is the cyclist really in control and not riding dangerously? Not looking at the road and has one hand taken up with a water bottle while approaching a junction on a corner, has a little wobble while looking down at his cup holder, makes no attempt to slow down approaching the corner/junction and even makes a couple of peddles to speed up.

  8. 38 minutes ago, Thumbbass said:

    And for all of those arguing that the car couldn't do anything any differently - how about waiting for the vehicles in the other lane to move so they can see if the cycle lane is clear before proceeding, rather than blindly pulling into an active area of a junction.

    As is mentioned above, if the people in the metal box were threatened by being hit by a larger metal box they would have proceeded with more care.

    Cue whataboutery....

    If a car smashed into another while the driver was having a drink and then looking down at the cup holder rather than the road while approaching a junction though…


  9. 24 minutes ago, Yellow Fever said:

    I'm not sure I'd call this 'filtering' and almost however slowly the mini turns the mini can't avoid (or see) the cyclist.

    I'd have to say as the cycle lane 'ends' for the duration of the junction then the cyclist is clearly 'undertaking' without enough care and attention.

    As an aside this is similar to accidents that happen with bus lanes. 

    If it was a bus lane, would the mini have checked again?

    I was going to say ‘and turned even more slowly’ - but if he’d turned more slowly, the cyclist would have just hit his front door instead of the rear…

  10. Not helped by the fact there is a sign saying the cycle lane ends and then another suggesting it has started again almost immediately after?

    I’d agree probably both got to take some blame here although I’m not really sure what the mini could have done differently.

    The mini isn’t going at pace and the cars on the cyclists side of the road have clearly stopped to let the mini across. He can’t have seen the cyclist coming as the road layout is poor and the turn is on a corner. If he sees the cycle lane sign on the road, then perhaps needs to double check?

     The cyclist though is oblivious - doesn’t brake or even try to swerve and even seems to start peddling into the car … because he’s having a drink and then looking down at his drink holder.

    Edit: looking again the cyclist hits the rear passenger side door, almost as far back as the rear wheel. Got to think if he’s paying attention he easily breaks and avoids a collision.

  11. 3 hours ago, Herman said:

    What are you expecting - they have both outright refused, even when specifically asked, to say anything negative about the two Reform candidates kicked out because of racist comments about black people and Muslims.

    NC has never tried to hide his racist views in fairness (although never actually admits it) but LYB has let it slip a few times over a few different threads recently.


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  12. 11 minutes ago, littleyellowbirdie said:

    I'm just not getting it. Were you quoting somebody? Or were you 'quoting' somebody?

    I was quoting you and changing the wording slightly to show how hypocritical you are. That you replied “funny man” previously had suggested to me you understood that, but clearly I was being too generous.

  13. 7 minutes ago, Naturalcynic said:

    Speaking of racists, and getting back to the subject of this thread, I see Mothin Ali is now being investigated by the Green Party.

    Quite right too - I’m still the only person on the thread who has said the Greens should investigate and take necessary action.

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  14. Just now, Naturalcynic said:

    Presumably you’re still finding it hard to accept that there can be more than one person who isn’t an extremist far-left Islamist-apologist.

    How is that related to the post you’ve quoted? I was suggesting LYB could figure out the significance of the quotation marks and you think that means I can’t accept two people are racist wind up merchants? 

    Logical arguments really aren’t strong points for either of you. 

  15. 2 minutes ago, littleyellowbirdie said:

    I think single quotation marks would have been more appropriate for that. So what were you trying to convey with them when you went off on one in a completely different direction at the start of the thread?

    I know you can’t just look that up on wiki, but I’m sure if you think really hard about it for a little while you’ll be able to figure it out. 

  16. 4 minutes ago, littleyellowbirdie said:

    Really. From a guy with such an odd relationship with quotation marks, I'll take that with a pinch of salt.

    The only people who have ever mentioned quotation marks to me are, strangely ….. you and NC. Coincidence I’m sure!

  17. On 05/05/2024 at 11:25, Creative Midfielder said:

    To be fair to Sunak (although I can't think of a single reason why we should be!) who on the earth is there amongst the remaining Tory MPs that would be worth giving a chance to?

    I certainly can't think of anyone and it seems pretty obvious now that neither can the Tories themselves 😂😂

    Any chance of Cameron doing a “Douglas-Home”?

  18. 2 minutes ago, Naturalcynic said:

    You clearly take pleasure in juvenile trolling.  To answer your silly question, no, LYB did not ask me to post anything.  I’ve no idea who LYB is and vice versa.

    How do you know LYB doesn’t know who you are? 

  19. 1 minute ago, Naturalcynic said:

    Think what you like, but I wonder why you’re so surprised that there can be more than one person who isn’t a far-left UK-hating apologist for Islamism.

    I’m not surprised by that at all. But you and LYB do seem to have the same problem of struggling to read posts.

    I merely asked if LYB has asked you to post that. Which bit of that suggests I thought you were the same person?


  20. 9 minutes ago, Naturalcynic said:

    I wish I knew what you’ve been wibbling on about for the last day or so.  Most of your comments seem to have little if anything to do with the subject of the thread and are becoming increasingly bizarre.  Probably time you had a rest.

    Did LYB ask you to type that? 

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