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  1. Why do we have to pick one or is it a case of everything seems to be going well at the moment i know lets have a dig at chrissy for not being as exciting at 17 as wickham is. absolute drivel and a waste of time
  2. I''t would be nice if you didnt type in blue as this is the colour our greatest rivals wear, I thought you would have written in green or yellow as they are our colours. Or perhaps i just want something to moan about as winning the league has already worn off!!!!!!!!!!
  3. The overall problem with this whole song is how exactly does Grant Holts armband "show" he''s yellow and green, is it because when he was playing at another club he was wearing an armband with On the ball city on? if you are gonna sing this song at least adapt it like saints fans do for Lambert "he wears the shirt of Matt Le Tiss" etc etc.I agree people can sing what they want when they want but it is very cringe worthy and embarrasing for everyone else and i for one won'' t be singing it, just like i stopped the "w**kers you''re just a bunch of w**kers...." after we had played the Sheff Weds match when it was funny as it was in time to the incessant drumming without the drumming it is just a toss song. Anyway all i think is don''t just copy please try and mould to a coherent song.
  4. लात यह बंद उस में फेंक थोड़ा गुत्थमगुत्था है thats hindi by the way not sure if it was the same google translator you used to get kick it throwing have a small melee but hey ho my point was just cos you knock about with some hoodies it doesnt make you a super cool 13 yr old but i guess i know what your gonna say.............am i bovvered look face bovvered
  5. [quote user="Crewe Canary"]Mate, take a chill pill. I don''t care if you think its embarrasing, I''m a 36 yr old woman and I don''t feel embarrased at all when singing it. At Oldham the song sounded fantastic. Like with anything in life, you have choices, you can choose not to sing. Simples!![/quote] If  you''re a 36 year old woman why are you saying take a chill pill and mint and simples?
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