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  1. On 13/11/2022 at 14:46, WD40 said:

    Can’t stand Chris Reeve, his sycophancy in front of guests and name dropping makes it almost unwatchable - but to be fair this is huge

    Interesting pov! Not one I share, that's for sure. Chris is highly emotionally intelligent & a genius at relationship-building. His black book of NCFC contacts is to die for. I see a super-fan who is incredibly modest - and given his back story, I am in awe of his achievements so far. 

  2. Lots of empty seats around me last evening. Mixture of casual fans & ST holders appear to be voting with their feet. The football was slightly better, however we're now NINE points behind leaders Burnley! No entitlement; however we should confidently expect to beat QPR at home. I remain unconvinced by the current regime - whatever is going on behind the scenes needs to be sorted out. On the basis passive acceptance isn't going to achieve valuable league points, I'm beginning to wonder whether the NCFC board are planning to remain in the second tier...

  3. As a high empath, I feared the effects those flashing lights might have on epileptics. Having experienced the show last night, I thought along with the sound system, it was pretty good. Felt like 'showtime' when the main lights came on for the game, so excellent build-up. Shame the players didn't raise their game to the same standard...

  4. The first I saw was a red card held aloft. No-one around me knew what it was for. However the video replay appears  to show the Luton player holding Kenny back which should be a yellow card offence & a penalty awarded. In my view, *if* a red card was deemed appropriate for the raised hand (I can see why it would be btw), Norwich should still have had the penalty & played out the game with 10 men.

  5. I suspected Norwich wouldn't beat Watford because we were (and barring a miracle, still are) on a downward trajectory. Most of us can see the team is less-than-buoyant - and lots of things need to change. I predict another defeat simply because the other team are likely to be better organised with more motivation. Norwich 0-2 Luton. Hope I'm wrong!

  6. Set pieces could decide this game. Mazy runs from players like Cantwell, Dowell & Nunez will encourage a few reckless tackles outside the box. Achieving centrally-located free-kicks likely to make the best goal-scoring opportunities. Attacking full-backs + Hernandez need to win plenty of corners too...

  7. Given a desperate Premier League club 'may' stump-up £10-15m for his services, doesn't that show how valuable his all-round play & goals (still) are? Similar to Jamie Vardy, he's looked after himself; I hope Norwich do all they can to retain his services for another 2 years.

    Sargent & Idah are not (yet) adequate for a starting place in the Premier League, that's for sure...

  8. On 18/09/2022 at 13:22, Virtual reality said:

    The way I see it is we’ve  downgraded massively going from Farke to Smith, But If turgid football is what it takes to keep us in the PL we certainly now have the right man.

    Out with 'Farkeball' & in with 'Turgidball' doesn't sound particularly attractive...

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  9. I see people are calling LDC names again! I see things both ways; LDC makes extremely valid points. Others don't agree, citing the obvious - namely Potter 'proving himself at a higher level', 'short career', 'making more £' etc. - as if that's all that matters. Thing is, whatever any of us choose to do in life depends on what we believe & value. To assume anyone believes the same as us, or automatically values the exact same things as us is folly. We're all different - and that's why we each make different decisions.

    Personally, I think Chelsea FC has a notoriously toxic work culture. If Potter had the same values as me, he'd steer well clear because he'd value peace-of-mind more than £. Potter has made a choice based on his personal level of emotional comfort. Good for him - he's having a go & will be well-paid. Maybe it'll work out for him, however my gut feeling is Chelsea are unlikely to achieve Champions League status this season...


  10. 20 hours ago, AJ said:

    Huckerby didn't have a problem and was often doubled, sometimes tripled up when it came to marking him out the game, but his class always shone through. Never, ever seen that from Rashica and as a result never thought he would do well this season either. Sinani is streets ahead at the moment. I've no doubt Rashica has some ability, and we've seen glimpses but he really needs to adjust the way he plays if he's going to succeed in England.

    That's a very good point; I used to love watching Hucks draw two defenders in & then bisect them with neat acceleration & leave both behind. It was his trademark move to get into advanced space. Rachica appears to possess similar raw potential, but little desire to produce. Perhaps Dean Smith should send Rashica for a beer & a chat with Eadie & Hucks - followed by some personal coaching to learn how to do it...

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  11. 14 minutes ago, Robert N. LiM said:

    I know it's unfashionable on this board to praise Stuart Webber, but the culture he's instilled at Colney and Carrow road of players being part of the club (list of every player to have played for the first team on the wall at Colney; pictures of the team in the tunnel at Carrow road) is really cool and it's great to have such a straightforward demonstration of what it means. 

    Núñez is a Canary now.

    If anyone doubts the importance of culture - in particular inclusion & welcoming a new team member, Núñez' reaction says it all!

    By comparison, Rachica looks morose...

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