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  1. I think Knapper is keeping his powder dry; wants to be seen being fair to a senior employee ahead of strategically replacing him. It's likely Norwich's new Sporting Director presented his potential masterplan to Zoe & Co over the course of several interview meetings that took place several months ago.

    He's only two weeks into the job, however the recruitment of a top-quality, results-orientated Head Coach is crucial. It may take time. Either way, I doubt DW will still be here in January...

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  2. 1 hour ago, Yellow Fever said:

    No - I look forward not backwards. Apart from getting a decent deal on selling on if applicable its all water under the bridge and ancient history. I won't wallow in the past. What's team for Watford? Will we progress ?

    I don't share your opinion I'm afraid. Tzolis should be part of NCFC's bright future! It's not a blasé case of water under the bridge, nor 'ancient history'? His contract is current, which places this topic firmly in the 'here & now'. No wallowing involved either. Tzolis is a valuable asset & we should be enjoying far more success with him. 

  3. Presumably the stated objective remains to gain promotion to the Premier League? As @duke63says, given Burnley's recent struggles, it's a pretty daunting prospect!

    By Christmas I envisage new Sporting Director Ben Knapper to have assessed state of play at NCFC and act accordingly. Whether he decides to stick or twist, a lot depends on which potential replacement Head Coaches are available, and when. Either way, I welcome a calm, measured, considered approach from someone who appears to represent a modern thinker in the game...

  4. Ipswich are currently in an automatic promotion slot for the Premier League & understandably high on confidence & belief. However, shipping 3 goals against Blackburn shows their vulnerability. The Championship table shows Ipswich are 61.5% better than Norwich at earning valuable league points. That's scary...

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  5. On 28/07/2023 at 09:08, Danke bitte said:

    People say they don’t like the appointment, but don’t outline why. 

    I’ll tell you why I don’t like TNC, they feel like a couple of public school boys aping what they think it is to be a modern media archetype and go down to the “footer with the lads”. Perhaps they could go live in a big city for a few years and come back with more street smarts which might dilute their underlying conservatism. 

    They also have a tendency to appear very cringeworthy and patronising at times. They don’t feel like the “Everyman” approach to reporting like Bailey and Hodge on Nodge to reference a modern fan pundit. 

    There’s a certain aloofness to them which creates a barrier between being able to relate and like them. And that’s my two penneth for what it’s worth.


    Thankfully the perceived barrier you describe is a 'you thing' - not a 'general/applies to everyone thing'. It's your opinion, your feelings & that's perfectly fine. Knowing both Jack & Chris personally, my views are somewhat different to yours. There's good reason the likes of Jake Humphrey & Simon Thomas have freely mentored them - and even more reason Chris Goreham, Rob Butler & the BBC are comfortable to give Chris a regular radio broadcast opportunity. I haven't listened to the Scrimmage before, however I intend to now...

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  6. At the point of writing, I think Jack calls it right. Thing is, a lot can change for the better before September & should that happen, I dare say Jack will adjust his thoughts accordingly. I didn't agree with him calling for Farke to be sacked, however I consider him to be an astute, considerate guy - as is Chris Reeve. 

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  7. I don't think Sargent or Idah are anything special; they fluff so many chances it's often painful to watch. Maybe it's a lack of confidence come match day; if they were that poor in training they'd never be pro footballers, so I live in hope they find their shooting boots sooner than later. Meanwhile, we really do need a sharp 19-26 year old goalscorer to lead the line who plays without fear. As @BroadstairsR mentioned, with inevitable injuries they'll all be required over the season...

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