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  1. Ashton only scored around 74 in 180 which isn''t amazing but he is not just about scoring goals. He creates almost as many (hence Crewe''s amazingly high tally this season) and can hold the ball up as well as Shearer ever did, which should take the pressure of the midfield. He''s worth every penny lad!!! 
  2. My ''Norwich are a joke'' jibe is in reference to both your ability and performance. Although admittedly you have done slightly better of late. I originally stated that you WERE a joke at the beginning of the season with newspapers wondering whether you could do the opposite of Arsenal and go a whole season without winning!-at that point you were definately the butt of everyones jokes. In fact, this season the prediction is that the 4th from bottom team will stay up with the least points total ever. In which case, if you do stay up, you will be the worst ever team to survive in the Premiership. mello yellow you make a really good point and I fully agree with everything you said. I was only making the point in my first post that the majority of Crewe fans believe that he should have gone to a good Premiership club- or what''s the point? In the end he''s chosen you, and i REALLY REALLY WANT YOU TO STAY UP!!!!! At the end of the season i''ll come back on and apologise if you stay up, but I get the feeling you''d struggle every year and Ashton will struggle as a result.  
  3. Thierry coundln''t keep you up we all know that kid. How could you possibly raise our profile???!!! That''s amusing, I think probably the likes of Danny Murphy, David Platt, Neil Lennon, Robbie Savage, Bruce Grobelaar and Seth Johnson have done that, Norwich could hardly promote us anymore than we can ourselves! Now stop having ago, When you didn''t win for ages you WERE a joke- its sad to say coz I like you. But, yes, unfortunately, pundits, players and other fans in the Premiership considered you joke- perhaps valiant, even battlers- but none-the-less a joke. We wanted Dean to go to a big club, and we are GUTTED he hasn''t and has settled for second best. But he''s gone and we wish him all the best. It''s a shame he will be back next year though, when, in all probability, you will struggle in the Championship with teams like Wolves West Ham Sunderland (if they don''t go up) West Brom Sheff Utd all battling for promotion. Good luck Dean lad, but you''re on a loser.
  4. What??? What are you people talking about??? I said it''s a bad move for him because you aren''t very good by (which NOBODY can deny) Premiership standards, and will be relegated. He most definately should have gone to Spurs or Villa, O''Leary said on Sky Sports news a player of his quality would get get into most Premiership teams outside top 6. It''s never promising when fans from a club like Crewe (we know we''re a small team) are actually describing this as a sideways move. The fact is we love him and believe he deserves Premiership football- not a few tail end games for this season''s whipping boys (granted along with Baggies). We all want him to go and improve, we''re proud of that, we''re not in the position to keep hold of players and every fan knows that. But, we are sad to see him aim this low, he should have stayed till the end of the season and secured a move to a bigger, better club. In reaction to the point about you being a family club, that''s fine- but so are Crewe! That is a completely irrelevant point. If he''d wanted a family club who are all lovely dovey he was already there! He needed to move to a club who value home grown players- such as Everton, Villa etc. Not you guys, you haven''t got the history of churning out great player after great player like these teams, or even Crewe! We all just feel let down- after the hype of his exploits this season, we expected more than a low-key move to at best, a yo-yo team, at worst, one season wonders (this is harsh, you''re a good Championship team). The Alex fans wanted to celebrate him leaving, and watch him scoring on MOTD regularly proclaiming that we once boasted his awsome talents. Fingers crossed he sees sense in the summer and moves to a big club, like we all know he should. We hate clay-heads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  5. another Crewe fan here. Just to reply to one of you... He''s amazin in the air   Nuff said i think
  6. Ha Ha I didn''t want to bring that up but you sucked the life out of him! He''s back with us now, started 14 games got 9 goals... says it all once more  i think! Nothing against you guys but he''s got promise and could go far. Contrary to what you think he''s got an amazing goalscorer. it''s his hold up play which is his strength. He won''t score too many for you, 5 max by end of season. Go to Tottenham Dean lad
  7. How many of you boys seriously think you''ll stay up?? Honestly? There''s little chance in reality, Palace have adapted well now, Blackburn are pulling clear, even Southampton are pulling there finger out. Which leaves Baggies as the faves for the drop along (unfortunately) with you guys. And 1 other out of a group of 2 or 3 max. My point is this, what is Deano going to you for?????? It''s one of the most incredible stories of the year. An incredible sideways move which makes Robbie Savages decision to join Blackburn look like he''s going to Real Madrid. I''m devested he''s chosen to wreck his career at such a vital age. He will be playing at Crewe next year, what sort of move is this. How your manager convinced him to join is a mystery. And that says it all really, a GOOD player (6months) from a tiny club battling for survival every season with an ave. of 6500 fans has to be convinced and persuaded and pleaded with to sign for you! What does that say about a) the state of your club b) your awful repuataion c) the lads aspirations about joining you. He was obvioulsy seriously considering turning you down, is that a good frame of mind to be in when joining your new club? I''ll leave you with this plea  DON''T RUIN YOUR CAREER DEAN. NORWICH ARE A JOKE.
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