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  1. The Esbjerg star has proved one of his side''s key performers this term and is now looking for a move to a more illustrious league. Esbjerg director Niels Erik Sondergaard has confirmed that the player looks all set for a summer exit to England. ''''We know the conditions,'''' Sondergaard told Ekstra Bladet. ''''Jan''s contract is expiring next year and he wants to leave.'''' ''''Few top clubs have decided not to go any further but a number of clubs from the English League (Championship) have declared interest and we are waiting on what comes back, Kristiansen wants to move, and only a move to another country can improve him.''''
  2.  We need more players and get doherty out my bet on players now is we need Jan Kristiansen or some around that area that can play all midfield ! 
  3. I think we all know who this guy is and is making a return to football after Injury recovery during his time at Chevio and apparently Leicester & Preston after his return
  4. Can''t believe Jonson is on his way out and I thought he would be useful in our championship season. Well with him going now we must get a winger or more in. Who do we have apart from Huckerby really then mabye Brennan? Well here it comes to save Creasy saying it lol, Norwich are linig up for ESBJERG ace Fredrik Berglund: http://skysports.planetfootball.com/transfernews.asp?type=article&id=291488 and also wouldn''t you say with our winger situation we might alos see another signing from that club .... that''s right, Jan Kristiansen. Well with the price tag and so on it would be virtually using the money from Jonson to get Kristiansen, BARGAIN.
  5. [quote]saint very funny post cheered up my monday night wonder how many of those letters the club get. creasy we weren''t having a go at you I did say that you mentioned you''d seen him and were a big fan and...[/quote] Ok no worries but that''s what I mean I want him to get scouted before Brondby make there bid and that would really get me if they got him. That''s all just for the club to make a look at him then at least I''ve tried but like I said I watch live matchs from Denmark''s league and Turkeys.
  6. [quote]I remember the last player we bought from the danish leagues who had a great scoring record, look how that''s turned out[/quote] Yer well Just becuase he got a crucial goal in Euro 2004 Worthy went and got him ... stupid mistake I know but look at Nedergaard... Yer there ya go think about that. Also I watch clips and awards for kristiansen and I am finding links now just to prove all you lot what a talent but in the mean time if the web team is looking can you respond on how to tell worthy about this please.
  7. How exactly do we Contact the club to tell them about players, do they even bother to look and where do you send them to, worthy or the club ? .. anyway KRISTIANSEN FOR CITY!!
  8. Yep saw it, Just think if we did get him for that offer he would be cheaper than Jonson Mabye should have thought of that last year anyway, Should be 1st choice buy and we need someone with pace, tricks, and ASSITS regulary lol!, And even looking through results all year from the Danish league I would say yes to him definitly, I also saw that Bayern Munich was after him but after there bid got accept for Torsten Frings for £6M from dortmund that didn''t bother ...
  9. Anyone see yesterday comments in the sun I think it was by W.B.A Defender Martin Albrechtsen. well here was the coloum I found intersting, I mainly focused on the points about us:  As commenting on the relegation battle this weekend W.B.A Danish defender Martin Albrechtsen says it will be tough but everyone has a shout. '''' This weekend will be tough for the teams no matter who you are playing, Southampton most probably have the toughest challenge and people may say we have the easiest challange but even if we do win at Portsmouth we will have to depend on results else where''''. Albrechsten also stated that; '''' Crystal palace and Norwich really have the best chances I feel. Crystal Palace is a good team with players like Andrew Johnsen and Routledge and have been great over the season but Norwich has it all in there hands really. They are out of the zone but have have a worser goal difference than all of the teams I think so really there fate is in the own hands. There from of late has been great for them and they aint a bad team at all they have the goods up front and in midfeild, also there defence has come together lately too which is why I think they doing so well''''. '''' But I feel come sunday we (WBA) or Norwich deserve it I feel. We have tried hard through out the season and got results and look good during the season but come now we are on the wrong end of it. At Manchester we got a crucial point which we really needed but we will see what happens sunday''''. '' ''''Norwich I feel deserve it too because they have battled for everything over the season and have not stopped untill the end, in many games they have been very unlucky and in many cases been hard done by''''. Norwich is the type of club players would like to join, there fans are great and the team are battlers and I would mind playing for them at some point, especially if our national captin is still there (Thomas Helveg)'''' But come sunday we will give it our all, Southampton will give it there all, Crystal Palace will give it there all and so will Norwich and its good for the premiership that it goes right to the last game but none of the teams deserve it really but it''s a case of best team wins on the day and I hope I will still be a premiership player next season with WBA, but I really don''t want to eav ethis league and I will make sure we do our best to stop it this sunday. .... Well I mainly focused on the Norwich points but somethings tells me he would rather be here than WBA
  10. Yer i heard bout this too, should be a great loan signin if we do get him
  11. Original bid of £2.5 & Sorensen expected to rise as the bid of James Beatie for £6 was rejected. Villa are expect to place a bid soon with around £3.5 - £4M plus Sorensen
  12. Well said Creasy, Jonson has so much passion in him for this club .. amd i wouldnt give up on that Kristiansen thing eithier
  13. What about this guy, assisting and scoring for fun in the danish league with Esjberg, At a rate of like two each every game almost !!, we had i huge topic on this i remember ..... this is the type of player we need, and is in our limit
  14. £3 + Sorensen Now, Because Beattie offer for £6 wasnt excepted and his on his way to everton
  15. Yep heard it too. O''leary: '''' We will place a bid and Sorensen has told me he wants a move and we feel robert green is a great replacement. The lad is the type of keeper we want and i think a move to here (aston villa) would improve himself and his career '''' .. Well i guess this is the bullet so to say, Sorensen and £1.5m isnt bad though
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