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  1. [quote user="JJ"] It was a strange situation at Forest because from what I know, he never won the fans over completely even when they got promoted.  I''ve never been sure why this is.  Any ideas?   [/quote]   How long have you got? [:D]
  2. [quote user="RobbieLePop"] Plays on the deck football.[/quote] Hmmm, sometimes, at best [:P]
  3. If he''s got the job then look forward to naive defensive tactics, half decent signings, an old premiership pro signing up and not lasting the season and a squad not big enough to sail a dingy never mind get a club promoted. Hes a really nice guy and will say all the right things but I never wanted him at Forest and despite him fluking promotion I wish he''d been sacked in the summer. If youve got any questions about him feel free to ask [:)]
  4. [quote user="H4H"]He was committed but never passed the ball forward. Tackled hard but created nothing! [/quote]   Sounds familiar. Thanks secret agent Sammy, I fucking love you for this one day.
  5. I cant believe you are all trying to put a positive spin on this result. It was the worst thing you could have got. Now Reading really do have something to play for tomorrow and Coppell will not be resting his big guns knowing that the can beat Birmingham and go up last game of the season if Warnock does a job on his old team. Being positive is one thing, Norwich could well win, but there is no way Reading are just gonna roll over now. Lita to score the winner anyone?
  6. [quote user="Mr. Bump"]Point for Forest is not really that great [/quote]   I bet youd swap it for being 4 points behind though ;)
  7. All of these comments sound very familiar to how we have been over the last few years and are slowly addressing and working through. If your situation does mirror ours then I would be very concerned. I was at the ground the last time we went down and the only consolation was taking Gillingham with us. I hope you dont have to witness that with Charlton [:(]
  8. We did bounce back eventually but it took a long time. Thats why we are so desperate not to go down again. I emailed our chairman on an almost daily basis until he finally realised Calderwood couldnt keep us up. In fact Id emailed him several times in the seasons in league 1 to say he wasnt good enough to get us up and keep us there. Whatever happens, like us, you need to find a manager with some balls and some knowhow to give the players a kick up the arse. There is an article in the local rag about how Davies gave one of our players a bollocking at half time in the toilets and hey presto he scored 45 seconds into the 2nd half! Mr Niceguy only works part of the time, and I think sentimental appointments are a big mistake, I think Derby will find that out too!   Its going to be a very interesting fortnight. Bit of a pigsear with us playing saturday dinner and you not playing until monday night. Isnt really fair on either club, but thats TV for you! Heads up chaps, believe that it will be Plymouth and not you!
  9. [quote user="Konstantin Pobedonostsev"] This is what convinces me that we are down. How many weeks have we seen Forest, Barnsley (and even Saints) pulling off cracking results against tough opponents through guts, grit and commitment? How many times have we half shown up and drifted through matches? Player for player we are far better than any of the teams above us but too often we have started flat and coasted to draws or defeats. Is this because so many know that come May 6th they will be back to their parent club or demanding a move to a mid-table/top-half Championship side? [/quote]   As a Forest fan (who isnt here to gloat by the way, for the record I think Plymouth will go down or failing that Barnsley.) Id just like to say that pretty much all the teams down here think thir plays are "far better" man for man than anyone in the teams above us. Sadly it just isnt true. We''ve got some excellent players in Earnshaw, Gunter, Anderson and Blackstock (only one of which isnt on loan) and some very hard working players in Morgan, Cohen and Perch. But, like yourselves we''ve got some deadwood too and they are the ones that drag the rest down. On paper means nothing its about getting the right combination and playing them in the right places at the right time. Im very relieved we finally got rid of Calderdud (so he can help relegate Newcastle)and brought in Billy Davies because he has something a lot of managers dont and thats the understanding of people. Thats his players, his staff, the fans and the press. He knows what to say and when and IF he keeps us up then he deserves a medal. If he doesnt then Id hope he stays with us. You could well stay up as long as you dont lose to an out of sorts Reading next week but believe me your players, like ours, are nothing like far better than the teams above us. Some will be, some will be much worse and the proof of that is in the pudding. I have to say I still cant work out why your board appointed Gunn though [:^)] Out of interest what are your thoughts on Clingan? Some of you seem to think he will be off in the Summer, I wasnt at all disappointed when he left us, too many sideways passes, very little bottle and just didnt really make anything happen IMHO. Will you be sad to see him go if he does? And can you left us have Croft in return please, whatever happens [;)] Good luck the last couple of games because I know exactly how you are all feeling, I dont think my heart rate has been under 150bpm in the last 3 weeks [:)] I think you will be OK, just. But if its you that keeps us up then obviously thats something Id just have to live with [:P]
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