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  1.                         if we were to go to league 1 would it be a good thing because...   norwich would be able to see new transfer targets and then come back up and get them ??!!
  2. we can only play 1 or 2 at a time other wise the team wont be experianced enough IMO
  3. we need a cup run to help the bank... is it possible?? with the squad we currently have i believe it could be!!!!!
  4. this would save money and it would help?? SURLEY????   give £500, if you dont play(unless your contract is lower anyway) and then every 15 mins in the game you play you get extra £500??[:|]   well?????  
  5. if he made a very good presentation he could do in saying you give me £££''s and ill give you 51% and that would mean bye bye delia [:|]
  6. on the official norwich website there could be a poll and the fans get to vote the formation and then the team...the subs etc.. what d''ya'' think??
  7. he paid £80,000 for KEVIN DOYLE yes KEVIN doyle from a non league team, why can you not do the same?? I would rather you spend money on scouts to watch lower/non league teams and snap up young talented players to stup us signing loan players who we could do without such as lita,sikierski,omozusi etc etc...   So roeder when january comes forget loanees think gifted and talented young guns!!
  8. GLEN ROEDER get players like lupoli and hoolahan and others and does not play them and decides to get lita on loan?? why????? yes lita does score us goals and is helping the team but until he gives lupoli a chance he is not going to have a clue to what he can offer us. Sikierski??? why did he sign him?? we signed him and then we just decided to play the longn ball up and he doesn''t even win many headers.!!!!!!!.!!!!!!!!!!
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