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  1. 10 hours ago, Bethnal Yellow and Green said:

    It doesn't seem that strange. It is similar to Norwich signing Emi for £1.5m but then having to pay extra to make it £5m after promotion. I would presume it was written into the deal that should Dusseldorf get promoted in the following season or two then they would have had to pay the difference.

    Considering Dusseldorf's Sporting Director has admitted that they agreed the deal for Tzolis with Norwich, knowing they wouldn't be able to afford it, I doubt there is much chance of him staying there. I also expect Tzolis wouldn't want to go back now, knowing that there are surely a bunch of Budesliga teams in for him. 


    I thought it was always going to be 5mil over 4 years but with promotion we had to pay all the unpaid straight away.

  2. 15 hours ago, Coneys Knee said:

    Just goes to show you how damaging social media is. He cares more about the perceived attention he can receive on that than he does the glory, memories and adulation he could achieve by knuckling down and doing what he’s good at as a footballer.

    The irony is that fulfilling his footballing potential would give him everything he craves that he misguidedly looks for on social media. But people like him are blind to it because of the quick bit gratification somebody hitting a like button gives them.

    Its a real shame but it’s like most youngsters today, they only care about the gift wrapping.

    that's one of the best things ive ever read on here

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  3. 6 minutes ago, hogesar said:

    I think Sara goes as he's shown he's outgrown the championship and on top of that will likely command the highest fee.

    I actually think we retain the other top players.

    One player sold will not fill the financial gap this time because we have now lost prem money.

  4. 1 minute ago, KeiranShikari said:

    I might be misunderstanding but weren't a load of shares created for them to essentially add money to the club's coffers whilst upping their ownership?

    the shares diluted the value that deliar holds.  where that money goes is anyone's guess.  my thoughts are it goes to being able to hang onto something she cannot afford to hang onto

  5. 3 minutes ago, KeiranShikari said:

    They've already put in a decent amount.

    Whilst they're currently joint shareholders it's safe to say that they are currently running things.

    No    they have bought shares at a great price for them.  They have given no money to ncfc.

  6. 2 minutes ago, TheGunnShow said:

    The team ran out of legs down the stretch. Injuries and a lack of depth caught up with them, and they were running on fumes from after the Preston match. Some big decisions lie ahead, and we do need something of a rebuild, so let's hope we can get some players in and out early on so they're in the house for the early stages of pre-season.

    when i looked at the bench and thought to myself theres only one player i would want to bring on and he should of started then i knew we are fooked

  7. 3 minutes ago, KeiranShikari said:

    I don't think we'll be changing the squad in a massive way. There will probably be big changes at CB with Batth, Gibson and potentially Hanley leaving but other than that it'll probably be small changes.

    Financially I also think we'll be doing things a bit differently with the Americans moving forwards.

    the Americans will not put any money in unless they have full ownership of the club. Why would anyone give money to someone else for free?

  8. 1 minute ago, KeiranShikari said:

    There will be some okay money coming in for Tzolis and Idah as well as a huge amount coming off the wage bill in ending contracts. I think there will be a bit to spend. of course it won't be 5-10m signings but most Champs signings aren't.

    We have now lost prem money. With prem money we have had to sell players just to keep afloat.  There is now way we will have the cash to change the squad. From what i have read Celtic are not going to pay the money that we want for him and the same with Tziolis.


  9. Just now, S_81 said:

    Fair play to Ipswich. Pains me to say it but they’re in the Premier League. We could have been had Webber not signed a load of old codgers in the summer and Wagner not been a tactical catastrophe for half a season.  Hopefully we can make up for that via the play offs. 

    No they are not. Choke on the final day and leeds win then they are in 3rd   100 % would make me smile

  10. 28 minutes ago, hogesar said:

    I mean to be fair Leicester should have won and had absolutely all the play, as they have in several games. But this sort of thing happens in football. 9 times out of 10 if you replay that game with the same possession etc its a Leicester win

    but they didn't

  11. 2 hours ago, Capt. Pants said:

    Not just iFollow but club streaming services too, so what will Canaries TV do now?

    I can't pretend to be outraged as I use illegal streams and haven't paid a cent to NCFC even if coverage ia available.


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