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  1. [quote user="BB"]oh dear having a bit of a shocker i will be proved right[/quote]


    some people are privvy to information about signings, formations and team selections.....I would suggest if you are told this information by a players family member or friend you keep it to yourself next time. You risk getting a player in trouble for the sake of looking "important" on a forum....grow up

  2. [quote user="Norfolk Mustard"]

    The goal celebration music has a really valuable use folks; that of thoroughly demoralising the opposition!


    Psychologically it helps to significantly dampen the spirits of the other team’s players as well as their fans. What price does that have?


    Thinking of the many occasions last season I heard the De Janeiro music in the 80th, 90th and even the 96th minute, it is synonymous with success. On that basis alone I welcome hearing it many more times in similar circumstances next season!



    I actually agree with that......I follow NHL (ice hockey) and the Chicago Blackhawks play "Chelsea Dagger" after every goal scored....the crowd get going and the opposition players get p*ssed off the more they hear it. I think it adds a bit more atmosphere.....the countdown to OTBC needs to go though

  3. [quote user="PurpleCanary"]

    [quote user="Rum Ol Boy"]yeah I saw that, good stuff. I also caught an unwanted rumour circulating from Leeds fans that Wes has fallen out with Lambert[/quote]


    Well I can''t say I''m surprised if Lambert keeps forcing Wes to wear that psychedelic rubber swimming ring thingy...[:D][;)][:D]




    yeah, that would pretty much seal it for me too! street cred well and truly down the pan!


    DDD, I made sure I told Leeds they were dreaming =)

  4. [quote user="Wembley_Canary"]It''s ok, nothing special but I don''t see the point in kicking up a fuss about it. Although what I will say is that the club need to up their game in the future if they want fans to buy a new kit every 12 months when the changes are minimal. On a more positive note I think the Goalkeeper strip is brilliant, the best we have ever had IMO.


    spot on

  5. last years shirt with a V neck and stripes on the arms.....its ok but after shelling out £60+ on last years for my sons and mine I was hoping for something alittle different. At the end of the day though its a kit....as long as the lads perform on the pitch it could be bright pink with yellow spots on it.

  6. I think you need to let the whole off season play out before you start to question the squad PL is putting together. I think there will be plenty more twists and turns and some quality additions by the time August rolls around. You only have to look at players like Fox, Crofts and Russell Martin to see what Lambert can do with players from lower leagues......I actually had Martin down as my player of the season.....not bad for a player who was a bench warmer in a lower league. When you look at the three players we have brought in (this is including Johnson) they are all young and hungry for the game.......I think what they lack in skill they make up for in passion and drive. Theres a long way to go yet so start thinking positively!

  7. I too agree that Ruddy looks a mixed bag so far. I felt a little uneasy every time a cross went into the box at both the Newcastle and Everton games.....maybe nerves. Only time will tell, I watched Gunn make howlers over the years but he kept us in many many games with his stops.......I thought Fraser was one of the best keepers I''ve seen at Carrow Road in years, he was solid but he too made some slip ups......only time will tell

  8. [quote user="Mustachio Furioso"]

    [quote user="Rum ol boy"]I have to admit I''m not overly hung up on last nights result, there always seems to be a "freak" result involving bad decisions and bad luck.....and this was pretty much it! I know it wasn''t ideal but its not every game you give away two penalties away in the space of seven minutes and get a man sent off.....not to mention have a blatant handballed goal stand! The only thing I am concerned about is losing Forster for the run in, Rudd looked very flappy last night and didn''t fill me with confidence......hopefully we can thrash Stockport on Monday and normal service can be resumed![/quote]

    We have seven games left, Forster is only banned for one.



    I thought it was more for a straight red?